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  • would you describe London real as something broader than a Youtube channel?

    London realは、Youtubeチャンネルよりも広い範囲で表現されているのでしょうか?

  • You said there it was kind of a platform or a movement?


  • I mean, You know, it's something again, when I started back in in 2011, uh, everyone thought I was crazy.


  • All my old banker buddies thought I was crazy.


  • Some still think I'm crazy.


  • Um, I was never doing it to run it as a business, anybody I could get to come over to my studio, I would have conversations with Jiu Jitsu buddies, uh, anybody from banking, I knew any friend.


  • And we just had these conversations long form, I was inspired by joe Rogan.


  • Um, and so we just had these long form conversations and we put them out there and for three years I did that alone in my kitchen with no vision, no business model, but we started to get these themes of listening learning um, and trying to become a better version and I became a better person over time.


  • And so about three or four years ago we decided to create what is this about?

    そこで、3~4年前に「What is this about」を作ることにしました。

  • And we put a mission statement out and it is our mission is to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species.


  • That's what we came up with.


  • Everything we do is that whether it's a documentary film or my academy or our broadcast, I was trying to change the world into this positive place.


  • That's what we do.


  • And so every day I come to that and I put someone in the chair and hopefully I tell their story and allow someone out there to make a decision whether they think the story is good or bad or they can learn from it.


  • I know I put guests in the chair sometimes that I don't like them.


  • I don't agree with them.


  • I think their ideas are weird, but then sometimes five years later I'm doing those things, you know, whether it's women off the ice man, I think it's a weird guy, sticks himself in ice for an hour.


  • But now I take cold showers every morning, you know?


  • So I've learned so much and I've learned that I'm not always right.


  • And so that's kind of the mission of London real.

    それがLondon Realの使命だと思っています。

  • I think I'm kind of searching for a purpose and I kind of found one with that becoming the mayor, I think is a way where I can do more of that try to help people take their lives to the next level somehow.


would you describe London real as something broader than a Youtube channel?

London realは、Youtubeチャンネルよりも広い範囲で表現されているのでしょうか?


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?"I'm not always right!"ブライアンは聞いて、学んで、あなたの次のロンドン市長として奉仕するためにここにいます ? (? “I’M NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!” BRIAN IS HERE TO LISTEN, LEARN & SERVE AS YOUR NEXT MAYOR OF LONDON ??)

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