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  • We're training English phrases today. Phrases you  might use at the airport or on a flight. I really  

    今日は英語のフレーズのトレーニングです。空港やフライトで使うフレーズを紹介します。I really

  • want you to focus on the smoothness of the phrases  linking word to word. You're going to see and you  


  • were going to see and hear a phrase and I've  written the shape of the melody like this:


  • You'll see a little curve up and down, that's  a stressed syllable. And you'll also see that  


  • in general, the trend for a statement in American  English or a question that's not a yes no question  

    一般的には、アメリカ英語での発言や、Yes Noの質問ではない質問の傾向として

  • is that the pitch, volume and vocal energy  go down across the statement. Focus on that  


  • as you're listening not the  black and white of the words.


  • I'm looking for the Delta counter.


  • When you hear it in slow motion, it helps you  focus even more on that linking and smoothness on  


  • the melody on the red line. I want you to repeat  in slow motion feeling that too, that sloppiness.


  • I'm looking for the Delta counter.


  • I'll also show you the phonetic symbols on screen  


  • to help notice things like reductions or  when the T sounds is dropped in counter.


  • I'm looking for the Delta counter.


  • A training video like this isn't really learning  about a concept. It's about asking your body to  


  • practice a new language, a new way of speakingLeave your ideas about English behind and respond  

    新しい言語、新しい話し方を練習する。 あなたの英語に対する考えを捨てて、反応する

  • to the visual of what you see on screenthat smooth red line. Get your body to relax  


  • and have fun with this. And as always, if you  like this video or you learn something new,  


  • please give it a thumbs up and subscribe with  notifications, I'd love you to study with me.


  • We're giving you lots to train with. Over 40  phrases and you may even learn new ways to  


  • say things or to use a word. Let's get startedYou'll hear each phrase once at regular pace,  

    物事を言ったり、言葉を使ったりすることをさあ、始めましょう。 各フレーズを通常のペースで1回ずつ聞きます。

  • twice in slow motion and once at regular paceEach time after you hear it, there will be a pause  

    スローモーションで2回、通常のペースで1回。 聴いた後には、毎回、一時停止があります

  • for you to repeat. Let your body relax and feel  that red line. All words are linked and connected.


  • For the first time in the video, I'll be  using this symbol which you'll see in the  


  • next sentence. That's the symbol for an unreleased  stop consonant like t, d or p. In the next slide,  


  • you'll see it in the name JetBlue. There's  no T release in that phrase. It's just  


  • Jet..Blue. That stop of air, the unreleased  T, very quick lift in the line, JetBlue,  


  • JetBlue. So when you see this symbol, you know  you won't hear t, d, or p. You won't hear the   


  • release. The mouth goes into position, stops  the air and then moves on to the next sound.


  • Are you feeling that smooth  connection between words?  


  • Now is a great time to pause the video  and for just ten or fifteen seconds,  


  • describe your day in English and try to keep the  same feeling. The red line flowing from word to  


  • word, the linking. And if you're ready now to  keep your studies going, check out this video.

    word, the linking.そして、もしあなたが今、勉強を続ける準備ができているなら、このビデオをご覧ください。

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  • out my online courses at Rachel's English AcademyWe have an extremely supportive community there  

    は、Rachel's English Academyの私のオンラインコースをご覧ください。 非常に協力的なコミュニティがあります。

  • of people just like you. That's it and thanks  so much for using Rachel's English.

    あなたと同じような人たちの以上、Rachel's Englishを使っていただき、本当にありがとうございました。

We're training English phrases today. Phrases you  might use at the airport or on a flight. I really  

今日は英語のフレーズのトレーニングです。空港やフライトで使うフレーズを紹介します。I really


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空港や飛行機での移動中に使える英語フレーズを学ぶ (Learning English Phrases To Use When Traveling At The Airport Or In The Plane)

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