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  • and there's just this weird mistrust with politicians.


  • I mean, I had I was doing an interview with The Times last week and they said, who did you vote for in the last election?


  • And I was like, I don't remember, and they thought I was trying to dodge the question, but I actually checked and I didn't vote because I wasn't engaged.


  • And and I had David Haye and here the boxer and he's a real big fan of everything we did for censorship.

    そして、ボクサーのDavid Hayeがいて、彼は私たちが検閲のために行ったすべてのことの大ファンなんです。

  • He's going to come on the bus and he said, brian, I've never voted, I hate politicians, I hate the whole mess.


  • But he said, I've been watching what you're doing and I see all these youth centers are being closed down, All the boxing gyms are getting closed down.


  • All these kids, they don't have anything to do, especially these young men, they got to do something and they can result in crime.


  • And he said, We got to do something about that.


  • So he said, I hear what you're saying and I want to get involved.


  • So I had some 12 year old kid riding the bike the other day and he said, he drove by him and he said, you're the mayor in it.


  • And I was like, yeah, I guess so.


  • And he said, I saw your video on YouTube.


  • So I feel like maybe we're bringing, you know, making politics sexy again.


  • You know, maybe we're at least engaging with people and, and people, people call out my suits and they're like, why are you wearing the pinstripes suits?


  • And I'm like, look, you come, you come for the suit, you stay for the policy.


  • Um, you know, I think the mayor of London should be promoting this city 24 7.


  • You know, I should be out there trying to bring business tourism, notoriety, film production to London to London to the London all the time.


  • So you need a mayor that's out there going big.


  • Uh, and I don't see, yeah, A lot of our leaders doing that.


  • I think the reality is that the U for at the next generation, if they're not listened to and not hurt, especially in London with what's going on at the moment, they could go even further the opposite way.


  • And like David was saying the closure of the centers where the youths have an escapism and, you know, as well as I did, um, there's so many kids who go off the rails because they don't have any, uh, any of their energy into, especially, you know, whether it's mental breakdowns or its crime, if there's no, uh, if there's, if there's no family unity and strength, a lot of the kids, you know, from, from these areas go into boxing clubs and nightclubs, football clubs and have the ability to feel part of the family and stay on the straight and narrow because of that sporting environment.


  • And by not funding them and not giving them the opportunities to do that.


  • You're just asking for more and more trouble when it comes to knife crime, when it comes to uh, lost the lost youth.


  • To be honest, I think I definitely, I mean, I could have gone one of two ways.


  • I said this on the interview at 100%.


  • And, and sports and fitness.


  • Stephanie salesman gave me a direction.


  • I was never, I was never one who were enjoyed school or excelled when it came academically.


  • Um, but when it came to physical, um, sports and, and, and training and fitness and the, the, the encouragement that growth, uh, environment gave me think about the last year, one more time martin.


  • I think you're gonna pop back real quick here.


  • Uh And again, you were talking a little bit about these community centers and needed something to do after school.


  • And that's martin probably gonna pop right back in here.


  • But you know, a lot of these young young kids and young men and women, they need something to do from those hours at 3 30 PM until 8:30 p.m. And that's when they get out of school and then mom or dad comes home and if they don't have something positive to do, they're going to potentially find something negative to do.


  • And I think we've all had a point in our life where without that mentor things could have gone one way or gone the other way.


  • And I've met so many guests.


  • Hey, I think you were just talking about how having that you sent or having that positive message.


  • It can kind of, it can kind of make or break some of these young people's lives, right?


  • 100 body.


  • I think.


  • I think it's so important that we try and we try and provide more rather than punish and punish and punish and take away and take away, which is all that seems to be happening at the moment, closures and restrictions and so on.


  • Um, and even even the whole, uh, the food issue with Marcus was behind, uh, just seems to be so much pulling away and, and, and unless opportunities and less helpful for the youth out there, but it doesn't take a genius to realize it's going to create long term problems.


  • And I think fitness is one of those, um, it's one of those areas where those kids who don't excel academically can feel good about themselves and can want to do stuff and want to change for the better.


  • And he just gives them that feeling of one being wanted and being successful and and and staying focused on something that's not been on the streets.


  • Yeah.


and there's just this weird mistrust with politicians.



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"私は今まで投票したことがありませんでしたが、今は参加したいと思っています!"???? ("I'VE NEVER VOTED BEFORE, BUT I NOW WANT TO GET INVOLVED!" ????)

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