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I'm excited to help you enhance your communication,
and how your listeners respond to you.
The skills and techniques I share will give you and your team immediate value.
It's important to communicate a clear and concise message if you want to influence others.
What I'm trying to say is that I may be way off base here,
but to be honest with you without feedback and coaching from others.....
And this may be a stupid idea, but it would be difficult to enhance your ability to communicate.
Our purchase trends are similar among the different age ranges except for those who are...
Oh, and make sure you get that point.
And you see these points,
I want to really get that point. that point.
We've got a lot of trends going on,
that's really important for you to get.
Most individuals want to be more comfortable, you know, thinking on their feet,
and getting to the point what they actually don't realize is the way they structure is confusing and cluttered with unnecessary words.
So basically their sentences run together, and they lose their listeners.
You know what I mean.
The most important delivery skill is eye connection
because it's the only skill that conveys trust and believability.
For the majority of us,
we don't feel comfortable looking at people directly in the eye.
And as a result, we lose the ability to connect, to engage,
and we won't have that opportunity to influence them to take action.
You're thinking,
I would never behave this way.
When was the last time you took a close look at how your listeners perceive you?


効果のない話し方は止めましょう!(STOP communicating INEFFECTIVELY

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