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A resume is your brag sheet, a document that summarizes your job experience and education.
The ultimate goal? To get you the interview.
Your resume should sizzle, not snore.
Tip one: Remember, looks matter.
Your resume must make a great first impression.
Use quality paper and make it easy to read; 11- or 12-point font keeps it reader-friendly.
Tip two: A resume is not your autobiography.
Save your life story for the 500-page novel and keep your resume brief.
Only highlight your key credentials. Employers are big fans of the one-page resume, but it is acceptable to have two pages.
Tip three: Make it easy to get in touch.
At the top, put your name in bold and in a bigger font, list your mailing address, email address, cell phone, and Skype.
Tip four: Keep it logical.
Organize your resume into 3 basic categories work experience, education, and skills and interests.
Under work experience, list your jobs chronologically or group them by job function.
Make sure you list your work experience in a way that makes you most attractive to a potential employer.
Tip five: Titles are key.
People do judge a book by its cover. You have around 5 seconds to make an impression.
Make sure your titles are descriptive enough to give the employer a good idea about what you've done.
Tip six: Be direct and correct.
Use bullet points, not lengthy paragraphs, to detail your experience.
Most people will only scan your resume, so your English, grammar, and punctuation must be absolutely flawless.
Have someone proofread your resume before it goes out.
Tip seven: Make it action-packed.
Powerful words convey a strong, talented person.
Use action verbs like initiated, directed, created, led, and generated in your work descriptions.
Don't use the same action verb twice.
Tip eight: Be honest with yourself.
Take a close look at your resume and ask, "Would I hire me?"
If the answer is "no" or "maybe," start over. If the answer is "yes," then you're good to go.




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