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Hey guys
I am gonna show you guys how I am gonna organize my bag
I never leave the house without lip gloss concealer eye liner and powder
I forget how important it is to use makeup bag to store your must-have.
Now, you’re not gonna see me rummaging my bag to find my lip gloss
Ok, let’s talk about money
My problem here is that my wallet is too small
which is why I recommend getting a rectangle wallet
Look for the one that has organize compartments for your cards, money and receipts
A rectangle wallet can probably store your cash and receipts more efficiently than a square one
Come on Don’t neglect your coins
They help pay for gumball machine, parking meters, and wishing wells
Fortunately, my new couch bag here has a built-in coin pocket
See, change is good
I’m notorious for not using a phone cover
But from time to time it’s kinda nice to personalize it and protect it in style
As for my keys here, I’m gonna make it more eye-catching by adding a bright color key chain into it
And if you have nice glasses
Use a case so that they don't get squashed up in your bag
Color can instantly enhance your mood
and add character to your gadgets
So I am gonna cover them with love and color
Now that my all things are nicely stored and covered
It’s time to organize my life
I give a little mini makeover to my makeup bag, wallet, iPad, glasses, phone and key chain
It’s time to neatly store everything away
Phone of course goes to phone pocket Keys in another pocket
Makeup bag is right alone with my wallet where I have easy access to it
Glasses are tucked away
And last but not least My iPad goes in last
Perfect fit
See! There’s a home for all my things
An organized bag like this means less time rummaging through your bag
trying to find something in that black hole
I hope you guys enjoy this video
And I hope it inspires you to reorganize your bag
It’s time we get our lives together.
One bag at a time
Thanks so much for watching
And of course good luck everyone


Bag Makeover : Organizing Tips

7419 タグ追加 保存
田兒 2014 年 8 月 3 日 に公開
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