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  • they say that brows are the frames to your eyes

  • if that's the case then we can change our entire look by just changing the frames

  • I’ll show you how to create different looks by just changing up your brows and where your hair’s parted

  • Let's get started

  • I never leave the house without my brows I treat them like a fashion accessory

  • Changing up my brows can change up my attitude

  • the first brow look I'm going to create is the Audery

  • because it's sweet and innocent

  • take out an angle brush and load it up with your brow powder and starting at the bottom of your brows

  • straighten it out then just straighten out the rest of your brows and fill it in to create a thicker look

  • repeat the same steps to the other brow

  • keep in mind that your brows shouldn't look identical

  • and there’s an old saying that goes your brows should look like sisters not twins

  • see how they frame my eyes, notice how much younger I look

  • if you want an innocent look make part in the center of your head

  • a center part gives your face a more symmetrical look it's a simple pure look

  • alright so the next brow look is going to look completely different

  • were going from simple and pure to sexy va va voom

  • I’ll check your brows by taking a brow pencil that has a wax space

  • create an upward angle like this.

  • Your brow arch should line up to the edge of your iris

  • This will help balance out your eyes.

  • Notice how the arched brows lifted up my face

  • giving my eyes more cat-like look

  • alright so if you really want to amp up the sexiness

  • find your arch and as if you're drawing an invisible line

  • line at the part of hair with your arch

  • this is the Angelina look because it’s sexy and foxy

  • if you want to look a few years older or if you wanna look more mature

  • this is the look for you

  • the next brow look is inspired by Natalie Portman

  • her brows are straight but with a very slight arch the first brow look that we did was fuller and thicker

  • but this one has more of an edgier look if you want to look more serious and intelligent

  • these are the brows to rock

  • Tuck your hair behind your ears for that classic sophisticated look

  • and that's pretty much it

  • we created three different looks

  • and the only thing I changed were my brows and where I parted my hair

  • and notice what a difference it makes so if youre needing a new look

  • don't chop off your hair just yet

  • try these looks first and let me know which look fits your personality best

  • good luck everyone and I’ll see you on my next video

  • music by late night alumni - my awake

they say that brows are the frames to your eyes


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あなたの外観を変更する3つの方法 (3 Ways to Change Up Your Look)

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