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Ah... the butt.
Truly an exquisite element of the universe.
Otherwise, named as the ass.
And it expresses nearly every aspect of our lives and what defines our culture today.
Ass, ass, ass, ass...
Booty shorts.
Do you know why it's called booty-shorts?
Because it defines the booty.
It doesn't define what's in front.
Besides, you can't mark it vagina shorts or dick shorts.
You'll get people who were left out or just disgusted.
But booty-shorts.
No one gets left out.
We all got a booty.
When you're about to fight someone.
What's the part of the body people tell you to metaphorically focus?
Kick his ass!
Because when your ass is kicked,
all of you is kicked.
Your ass is you!
When you want somebody to come to you,
what do you say?
Timothy, get your ass over here!
The one we all say that, we don't expect just a pair of butt-cheeks that appear in front of us.
We expect all of you because your booty is you.
When you're about to play that championship game,
what does your coach slap?
Your face?
No, that's rude.
Your calves? No, a little higher.
Yes! yes! Your butt!
The best thing about your butt is that it can be sexalized
but it doesn't have to be.
It can just be a butt.
When you moon someone, not sexual.
When you're at the club grinding on someone,
When you go to the bath room during the class
and your friend changes your desktop backgound
to tiled dicks,
It's disgusting.
No one wants to see that veiny atrocity.
Same story if there was a vagina,
But a butt, a butt, a butt.
It's such innocent vandalism you can't get mad at that.
When you're trying to get laid.
ya you can get some D or get some pussy
but all that's included if you simply say
Bro, bro, bro, bro
I'm getting some ass tonight.
When you're lack of intelligence you're a dumb ass.
When you're wise and cunning you're a smart ass.
But is brain in your butt? No!
It doesn't have to be.
When you're going to pathetic lengths to impress your superiors,
you're a kiss ass.
When you get some dickhead tailgating you,
you want them to get off of your ass.
When someone steals your grocery flyers,
they're an asshole.
When you fart and makes that hilarious sound,
it's actually a butt cheeks clapping.
Applauding your digestive system
for his hard-work and dedication.
Such support.
When you need a word as an amplifier, you add ass
Big ass trees, tiny ass cup, long ass road.
Even robots have asses.
It's "bootyful"



52106 タグ追加 保存
許瓊文 2014 年 8 月 5 日 に公開
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