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  • Ready?!!

  • Yes.

  • OK!

  • The following video will make you think twice before you joke around.

  • Because this is Jon.

  • Hi.

  • My name is Jon and I am a politician.

  • - Jon is probably one of the most unconventional politicians you will see, mainly because... - I am not a politician.

  • Jon is a comedian who was frustrated with governments, especially after the financial crisis.

  • So he decided to run for government himself as a joke.

  • Purely as a joke.

  • He started a new party and called it the best party with a logo similar to the Facebook "like" that roughly resembled a penis, according to him,

  • We made it a bit longer, so it looks like a penis or like a hand holding a hot dog.

  • And promised people three towels, a polar bear and a Disneyland in Iceland.

  • With such a campaign, no one would take him seriously, but to his surprise,

  • I won!

  • I won?!

  • Really?

  • People were so frustrated with normal politicians that they chose to elect a comedian in charge, and he took the challenge.

  • For the next four years, he became the real mayor of Iceland's capital.

  • And I actually did an amazing job.

  • He helped turn his city's budget around, advocated for social issues and environmental ones, it was all great and fun.

  • But this is where the jokes end.

  • This extrovert comedian who was full of life and jokes and humor, became very sad, tired and frustrated after only four years in politics.

  • Turns out politics is much more about influence than ideals.

  • Just think about this for a second.

  • The fact that people elected him tells you that they are frustrated with politics.

  • The fact that he came out of it not wanting to do politics ever again,

  • tells you politics is hard and the fact that all of this happened in Iceland, a country with one of the best political systems in the world.

  • Tells you that politics anywhere in the world is really hard!

  • This comedian turned politician, turned writer has a message for all of us.

  • Seek what you want, but be careful what you wish for because it just might come true, and what are you gonna do then?!!

  • How the hell did he win?



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間違えて選挙に当選してしまったお笑い芸人 (The Comedian Who Won Elections By Mistake!)

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