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  • -Now, there's an interesting story here


  • with Japanese Breakfast.


  • Michelle Zauner -- she wrote a song a few years back

    Michelle Zauner -- 彼女は数年前に曲を書きました。

  • as Japanese Breakfast, called "Jimmy Fallon Big."

    日本の朝食として、"Jimmy Fallon Big "と呼ばれていました。

  • -Oh, really? -That's right.


  • -Yeah. That's what I'm saying, man.


  • -That -- That's it? -What's up?


  • -That's the story? -That's it, man.


  • -Cool.


  • -Basically, what she's saying --

    -基本的には、彼女の言っていることは --。

  • It was a band member that went to a different band,


  • and the band member said, "I'm gonna be --


  • Our new band's gonna be Jimmy Fallon big.


  • We're gonna get on 'The Tonight Show.'"

    The Tonight Show』に出演するんだ」。

  • -Yeah. -Yeah.


  • So, that person is back in the band now.


  • -Nice.


  • -And here they are on the show, tonight,


  • making their debut on "The Tonight Show" tonight.

    は、今夜の「The Tonight Show」でデビューします。

  • -The person is back in the band now?


  • -Absolutely.


  • -I guess it didn't work out then, did it?


  • -It did work out, though. -They're Jimmy Fallon big?


  • So they came back to bring the band with them


  • to Jimmy Fallon bigness? Got it.

    をJimmy Fallonの大きさに変更しました。ゲットしました。

  • -No. What happened was --


  • So, he left, said he was gonna be Jimmy Fallon big.

    そして、彼はJimmy Fallonのような大物になると言って去っていきました。

  • She wrote a song called "Jimmy Fallon Big."

    彼女は "Jimmy Fallon Big "という曲を作った。

  • -Yeah.


  • -Yeah. And then he came back. -Nice.


  • -And now, collectively, they are Jimmy Fallon big.

    -そして今、彼らは一丸となってJimmy Fallonビッグになっています。

  • -Nice. Sweet. -See what I'm saying?


  • -Osmosis. Okay. -Yeah.

    -浸透しています。そうですか (笑)。

  • -Yeah. Osmosis.


  • -Yeah. -It's not osmosis.

    -そうですね -浸透圧ではありません。

  • -I mean, he said that.


  • -There's nothing -- It's not osmosis.


  • -Jimmy Fallon b-- Are we Jimmy Fallon big?

    -Jimmy Fallon b... 我々はJimmy Fallonのビッグサイズか?

  • We made it to "The Tonight Show."

    "The Tonight Show "に出演しました。

  • [ Laughter ]


  • I'm just saying. -Am I Roots big?


  • Am I Roots big? -Yeah.


  • Yeah, I guess you're Roots big.


  • [ Laughter ]


  • -She is performing her new song, "Be Sweet,"

    -彼女は新曲「Be Sweet」を披露しています。

  • and then she's doing "Jimmy Fallon Big" for the Web.

    と言って、ウェブで「Jimmy Fallon Big」をやっている。

  • That's what I'm talking about. Yeah.


  • That's kind of cool, how it all came around.


  • And we're just happy to have her here.


  • Japanese Breakfast, everyone.


-Now, there's an interesting story here



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ジミーがジャパニーズ・ブレックファストの曲を解説 "Jimmy Fallon Big!"| The Tonight Show (Jimmy Explains Japanese Breakfast’s Song "Jimmy Fallon Big!" | The Tonight Show)

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