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What up players?
A few weeks ago we did a fundraiser but our money was refunded to us by the charity.
So instead we're gonna give that money to the people who are overlooked in society
Hey man I have a question. Do you ever get tips here?
-Tips?-Yeah. -No.
Alright. so the thing is...
I feel like people in the food industry should get tips
just because people in restaurants do, right ?
-Yeah. - 'Cause you guys worked just as hard
I'll tell you what... I have 1,2,3,4,5 twenties over here.
-Are you serious? -yeah.
That's for you man
Bro…man you don't even know how…man…
I've been trying to pay my rent
and this is…ridiculous...bro
God bless you dude,
like man, you a good dude man.
You serious? I can have this?
Yeah, it's all yours.
I gotta go tell somebody before they think I'm stealing money.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let them know
All I got here is 100 dollars.
You're kidding me.
-Yeah that's for you -Really? Oh my god...
-you guys totally rock! -haha, thanks.
oh my goodness!
You seem like a very happy person
-Thank you. - I wanna give you a tip today.
-Okay. -I'm just gonna match that and give you a twenty today,
you know what, I got a 80 here just to make it a hundred.
-for real? -Yeah.
No seriously.
This is for you.
-For me? -Yeah.
Yeah you deserve it.
You look like you've been working hard today.
That's too much.
I'll accept a dollar.
no, no, no, this is for you.
-Because it's a lot. -No it's not too much.
See the thing is we have it leftover from a event. We're supposed to donate to charity,
so now we're giving it to people instead.
I would feel guilty.
No no no you shouldn't feel guilty
take it take it take it... - Thank you.
You work here a lot right
-uh-huh. - I see you all the time.
today I wanna do something nice for you and give you a tip.
No... I can't take that.
Why, no that's for you.
It's leftover money from a project. - Are you sure?
-Yeah. -Oh my god.
No I see you all the time and I think you're doing a good job.
Thanks for the great service.
I don't know what to say.
No you don't have to say anything.
Hey this is gonna sound really random,
but I saw you working and I used to work the graveyard shift too
so I know how hard it is and I know that you make minimum wage.
I have just a little bit of money here. It's five twenties.
and I wanna give this to you.
Are you serious?
I'm serious.
it's a hundred dollar. here you go.
wait, why? oh my god
'cause i know what it's like to work in a place at 2 am and it's kinda scary
so hopefully this makes sense to you
can I give you a hug?
Sure, sure.
-Oh my god, thank you so much. - You're welcome.
Put that in your pocket.
I don't want you to get into trouble or anything.
But enjoy your night!
I can't believe this.
15 seconds later...
(homeless person)
If you like this video, hit the "subscribe" button. Because we promise to give 100 dollars for every 100,000 views our fundraiser got.
And they got over six million views. So we have a lot of money left to give.
Because our donation got refunded by the original charity, we're now gonna use that money to give it away in various ways.
So make sure you leave a comment and let us know what you wanna see us do with it.



【感動】ファーストフード店員に100ドルのチップを渡す Tipping Fast Food Workers $100

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