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  • -♪ March again


  • It's another morning

    ♪ It's another morning ♪

  • Every day, like the one before


  • March again, and it's been a full year


  • Of waking up to say

    ♪ Of waking up to say ♪

  • [ Alarm blares ]

    [ Alarm blares ]

  • ♪ I'm bored, indoors

    "退屈だよ 室内で

  • ♪ I'm bored, I'm bored, indoors


  • There goes my neighbor with his dog, like always

    ♪ There goes my neighbor with his dog, like always ♪

  • Was just a puppy, now full-grown

    "ただの子犬だったが 今は成長した

  • Every single day on Zoom


  • When it's over time to move


  • To this next part of my couch


  • -Good evening, Jimmy. -Hi, Netflix.

    -(山里)こんばんは (YOU)こんばんは ジミー-(雄基)ネットフリックス

  • -We've got so many wonderful stories for you to watch.


  • An alcoholic chess player. -Uh-huh?


  • -A sexy "Gossip Girl" period piece.


  • -Eh. -A --

    -え?-A --

  • -Eh, maybe I'll just watch "The Office" for the 6th time.

    -"オフィス "は6回目で見ようかな

  • -Well, that's on Peacock. You do have Peacock, right Jimmy?


  • -Uh, yeah.


  • Just yesterday I barely heard of TikTok


  • Now I'm the CEO of swag


  • Bought a bike to feel the burn


  • But it's too late to return


  • maybe I'll just say it came without a tag


  • Hello, good day, how is your family? ♪

    "こんにちは" "ご家族はどうですか?

  • -[ Deep voice ] ♪ Hello, good day

    -♪ Hello, good day ♪

  • -Hey, Jimmy! How's your wife?


  • -♪ Please keep it down, my child's sleeping


  • -♪ There must be more than this pandemic life! ♪


  • -♪ Oh, isn't this amazing? ♪


  • Wasn't it just March 2020? ♪


  • ♪ I've forgotten what times means


  • And I haven't waxed my chest since quarantine week three

    "隔離3週目から 胸のワックスがけをしていない

  • -♪ 52 weeks and 53 Zoom weddings


  • Six hundred laps around my den


  • Plus a million shanty songs ♪ -♪ Yo ho! ♪


  • -♪ And a Quibi come and gone


  • No, I can't believe it's been a year


  • It really has been quite a year


  • -♪ I can't believe it's really March


  • Again! ♪

    ♪ Again!♪

-♪ March again



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B1 中級 日本語 TheTonightShow クジャク 飽き ジミー ネットフリックス おごり

"March Again" ft. John Legend (Beauty and the Beast Parody) | The Tonight Show ("March Again" ft. John Legend (Beauty and the Beast Parody) | The Tonight Show)

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