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Hello, and welcome to Collab Week,
the week where I fulfill my obligation as a YouTuber
to perform some "collaboration" videos for your enjoyment.
In this installment, I am joined by heartthrob disc jockeys Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil,
and we will be collaborating through the medium of sculpture.
We're going to make some art now.
PHIL: Can I just throw a unicorn into the mix? CHARLIE: You can.
DAN: You're going equestrian. Something with four legs.
That's already very advanced, Phil.
CHARLIE: I like unicorn. Is there anything we can add to that?
DAN: I could take the black and make it slightly robot unicorn.
CHARLIE: And...uhh... rainbow colored.
PHIL: Rainbow colored. That works.
DAN: Wow. Okay.
CHARLIE: How about a different color for each body part.
Give it a proper squeeze and a good roll.
PHIL: I'm making a hoof.
DAN: This is the first time I've engaged my muscles.
PHIL: Charlie, our legs are looking mildly different right now.
CHARLIE: That's not quite correct. PHIL: Okay.
DAN: That's like a duck's foot, Charlie. That's not much of a hoof.
Why are they so flat at the bottom?
PHIL: That's what hooves look like. Clop, clop, clop, clop. Clop, clop, clop.
DAN: Look, even if we don't say it, everyone watching this is thinking the same thing.
PHIL: It's looking... CHARLIE: They are colorful, phallically-shaped
DAN: Base complete. CHARLIE: Okay.
DAN: Half pink, half yellow body.
PHIL: Shall I start building some kind of neck. DAN: Uhh...
PHIL: I feel like that's too much pressure. I'm going to make the tail.
Is that what a horse's tail is like?
DAN: They're more like down, aren't they?
PHIL: Well they've got like a flare at the end like a Charmander.
CHARLIE: I'm most impressed by this tail so far.
PHIL: I'm proud of the tail.
CHARLIE: It just happens to also be the only think you can't see.
DAN: It's got the shape of a horse.
CHARLIE: It has the shape of a four legged animal.
Are we going to go for red for head?
DAN: Red head, yeah I'm feeling that.
CHARLIE: Does someone want to bring up a photo of a horse?
DAN: Um... No that's cheating.
PHIL: Imagine the horse emoji. Like a simplistic horse.
DAN: Are you a fan of emoji, Charlie, in your texts?
CHARLIE: I am. One of my favorite emojis is the dancing lady.
DAN: WIth her little-- CHARLIE: Salsa lady.
DAN: Kicking out a sassy heal.
CHARLIE: I feel like she encompasses a lot of just general joy.
She's just having the best time, and so if you're having the best time
you can communicate that to people.
PHIL: Charlie, that looks terrifying.
DAN: That looks like a horse from Silent Hill. What have you done?
CHARLIE: I don't think horses have quite as big necks as this.
DAN: That's a think neck.
CHARLIE: I'm pretty sure we've made--
DAN: This horse is on steroids.
CHARLIE: It's not unicorn yet. PHIL: Oh no!
CHARLIE: We need the unicorn spike on the front. PHIL: Uh let's--
CHARLIE: I think white's good for that. DAN: Obviously.
PHIL: Oh that's good twisting action.
DAN: Charlie's going in with the twists.
PHIL: That's amazing. DAN: Man, that could easily impale someone.
PHIL: I would buy that. CHARLIE: Just the horn? PHIL: Yeah
DAN: What? PHIL: I don't know.
DAN: What are you on about?
PHIL: I love that this is our collective skill, as well.
DAN: One object. Are you kidding me?
CHARLIE: We now need to work on the robotic paneling.
Do we have any blue left?
Let's take a bit out it's butt and put it in it's face.
Aww, look at that pretty blue unicorn eye.
PHIL: It's horn is drooping.
DAN: It's having performance issues.
CHARLIE: So there we go. There is our collaborative project.
PHIL: Yeah!
CHARLIE: Together, we created a Frankenstein, rainbow, robotic unicorn.
DAN: Yes! PHIL: I love it. Can we give it a name?
CHARLIE: Is it male or female? I'm feeling female.
My instinct says Gertrude.
PHIL: Gertrude?
PHIL: Well, it's also a robot--
DAN: That's the most inappropriate name for a unicorn I have ever heard.
PHIL: What about Gertrude 3? CHARLIE: Gertrude 3? That's good.
PHIL: 'Cause it's a robot.
CHARLIE: Yeah. How do you feel about that, Dan?
DAN: We don't speak about the first two Gertrude.
PHIL: Can you now animate it?
DAN: That's what it does before it charges into battle and destroys worlds.
PHIL: Thanks for having us, Charlie.
CHARLIE: You're welcome. Thanks for being in my collaboration video
for Collaboration Week, Dan and Phil.
PHIL: I had the best time.
CHARLIE: I'm glad you did. I'm glad you had fun. I had fun. Goodbye now.
DAN: Bye, Internet.
DAN: Ow.
STEPHEN FRY VOICE: You've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike,
which makes you, like, cool.
CHARLIE VOICE: Thank you very much, and if you'd like to watch
the other collaboration videos from this week,
you probably don't need me to tell you which boxes to click on.
I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.


Sculpting With Dan & Phil

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