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  • can 93 on Instagram says, Hello, sir.

    can 93がインスタグラムで「こんにちは」と言っています。

  • Could you tell me what you will be doing for housing for us?


  • Young people toe actually bring in an affordable housing system and it's a great question.


  • And I've spoken at length about what I plan to do on housing.


  • The truth is, as I said earlier, your mayor has failed you when it comes to building affordable housing.


  • Only 3% of what he built has actually what he said he was built has been completed.


  • I have a plan to use modular housing to build 50,000 new homes by Christmas of this year.


  • That would almost quadruple what the mayor has done in five years.


  • I've got top architect in this city that have contacted me and said, Brian, we love your scheme.


  • We're gonna work for you pro bono to get these homes built because we love London the same way you love London and I appreciate them, and I'm gonna show you what we can dio with just good ideas with a lack of agenda without messing with the two party system.

    私たちはプロボノでこれらの家を建てるために あなたのために働くつもりです なぜなら私たちはロンドンを愛しているからです あなたがロンドンを愛しているのと同じように 私は彼らに感謝しています 私はあなたに私たちができることをお見せするつもりです 二党制を混乱させることなく アジェンダの欠如した良いアイデアで

can 93 on Instagram says, Hello, sir.

can 93がインスタグラムで「こんにちは」と言っています。


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A2 初級 日本語 住宅 建てる 市長 ロンドン 住まい モジュール

"あなたの市長は、手頃な価格の住宅を建てるときにあなたを失敗した" | モジュラーホームが機能する理由 - ブライアン・ローズ ("Your Mayor Has Failed You When Building Affordable Housing," | Why Modular Homes Work - Brian Rose)

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