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  • The first thing I want to talk about is that the test and trace failures are closing down our schools.


  • So the test and trace failures, as in the lack of availability of covert tests, is really hurting our education system.


  • And the general secretary of the N A.


  • H T, which is the National Association of Head Teachers, Paul Wightman, recently commented that quote tests need to be readily available for everyone so that pupils and staff who test negative can get back into school quickly.

    H T は、全国ヘッド教師協会、ポール ・ ワイトマンは、最近コメント引用テストは陰性をテストする生徒やスタッフがすぐに学校に戻って取得することができますように誰もが容易に利用できる必要があります。

  • He went on to say The government assured us that this would be ready, but at the first sign of stress, it seems to be falling over and he finished.

    彼は続けて言った。 政府はこれは準備ができているだろうと断言したが、最初のストレスの兆候で、それは転倒しているように見えて、彼は終わった。

  • This will put the successful and sustainable return of schools at serious risk.


  • And so they went on to serve a 736 school leaders by the leadership union, and they found these stats and I want to show you this on screen and this is what's quite alarming to me.

    それで、彼らは指導者組合によって 736人の学校指導者に奉仕することになりました 彼らはこの統計を見つけました これを画面でお見せしたいと思います これは私にとって非常に憂慮すべきことです

  • Currently, 82% of schools have Children that are currently absent because they cannot get a test.


  • 82% of our schools have absent Children because of this but it goes on further.


  • 45% reports staff are currently not at work because they cannot get a test again.


  • The government failures is having a massive impact on our education system, and if you go even further, you find out that only 14% have had confirmed cases of Cove in 19 and their schools.


  • So again, here you see a massively disproportionate response to the virus.


  • We have a small number of actual confirmed cases, and yet most of our schools and many of our leaders and teachers cannot report to school because they can't get the tests they need in a timely fashion.


  • This is a massive failure by our government, and it's causing a disproportionate response to this virus because they're not able to get us the science that we need.


  • And this is what I've been talking about for the past few months, and it's really affecting our schools.


  • It's affecting our education system, and it's affecting and turning our kids into what we're calling a lost generation.


  • And if you go even further, uh, Jeff Barton, who's our general secretary of the Association of School and College leaders, warned quote chaos is undermining the efforts to keep schools open, with more than 200 head teachers reporting delays in getting tests.


  • This is very serious and when you go even further, Kevin Courtney, who's the joint secretary of the National Education Union, said the government needed to doom.


  • Or he said, quote heads have told me they find it extremely frustrating because they have made their schools covitz secure.


  • But then they find out it's been undone by the lack of tests, and when you actually go into the department for education, you ask them to find out what is actually going on.


  • Unfortunately, they've been reticent to provide the numbers of confirmed covered 19 cases among school pupils saying Quote it won't provide a running commentary.


  • So again, our government is not providing us the tests, which means our schools are suffering.


  • We've got 82% of the schools now, uh, that are are currently have students that are absent 45% of staff currently not at work because they can't get a test.


  • This is the government's failures and is now eating into our education.


  • It's affecting our students, and again we see ah lack of leadership with the testing tray system.


  • We see a disproportionate response to the virus because we're shutting down schools and holding back teachers when a small percentage of students are testing positive.


  • And finally, we're seeing a complete lack of science based decision making because we cannot get the test back into the people's hands that need them right away.


  • And we all know the stories out there of Children that can't get test fast enough so they have to isolate.

    そして、私たちは皆、そこにある子供たちの話を知っています テストが十分に速くできないので、彼らは隔離しなければなりません。

  • Their Children, have to isolate.


  • And it's closing down our education system right now, and it's just not acceptable.


  • So I want to get your thoughts right now.


  • Please.


  • Wherever you're watching this, type in and tell me, How would another school lockdowns affect you as a parent, as a student, as a teacher?

    これを見ているならどこでもいい 入力して教えてくれ 別の学校のロックダウンは 親として生徒として 教師として影響を与えるだろうか?

  • Tell me, what do you think of our current test and trace system and its failures?


  • How can we prevent ourselves from creating a lost generation and do we need better leadership?


The first thing I want to talk about is that the test and trace failures are closing down our schools.



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テスト&トレースの失敗。私たちの子供たちが悪いテスト&トレースシステムのために苦しんでいる理由 - ブライアン・ローズ (TEST & TRACE FAILURES: Why Our Children Are Suffering Due To Poor Test & Trace Systems - Brian Rose)

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