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  • Blue light from computer screens, tablets and smart phones

  • stop your brain producing a sleep hormone called melatonine.

  • And so in the hour before you go to bed avoid using these devices

  • or turn the screen brightness down

  • or wear orange glasses to block the blue light

  • If you're struggling to sleep

  • make your brain tired by thinking of an animal for each letter of the alphabet

  • You'll feel most relax at night if your bed faces the door and is farthest from it

  • Why? Because you were both to feel safe

  • when you can spot danger early and still have time to run away

  • When you behave as if you're sleepy, you actually feel tired

  • so to fall asleep quickly just fake a yawn or two

  • Eat a banana before you head to bed

  • They are rich in carbohydrate and this helps relax your body and mind

  • When you need to take a short nap during the day

  • drink a cup of coffee before you nod off

  • The coffee takes about 20 minutes to affect you

  • and so you'll wake up feeling especially alert

  • This piece of music is scientifically designed to help people nod off

  • Here's the link below this video to listen to it for free whenever you want to fall asleep

  • Try to fall asleep on your right hand side

  • research shows that it is better for your heart

  • Unless you are pregnant, in which case, try to fall asleep on your left

  • Either way, try to avoid sleeping in your front or back

  • Actively trying to stay awake actually makes you feel tired

  • So try keeping your eyes open and focus on not falling asleep

  • when you start to fall asleep the blood flow to your feet increases

  • Having warm feet increases the right to flow and so helps you nod off

  • And so next time you're struggling to sleep

  • try putting on a pair of socks

  • Night school is all about the science of sleeping and dreaming, and it's out now

  • And there are more tips about sleeping and dreaming on our new youtube channel

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Blue light from computer screens, tablets and smart phones


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