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  • and I want to play a video for you now of an incredible conversation I had with an incredible man.

  • And his name is Lord Michael Farmer.

  • And he is in the House of Lords, which is one of our, uh, parliamentary bodies here in the UK and actually they're responsible for some very, very important legislation.

  • And Lord Farmer has done tireless work when it comes to putting our families first.

  • And Lord Farmer has has discovered that if you keep a family structure together, it can save the UK economy up to £50 billion per year.

  • It can reduce crime.

  • It can reduce housing needs in this country.

  • It can reduce the strain on the government when it comes to our social services.

  • So this is a really important piece.

  • And I'm so glad that Lord Farmer came and spoke about some of the issues that were on his mind.

  • One of the biggest ones was Lord Farmer talking about how maybe now is the time to start really holding our digital platforms to task and potentially making sure that they don't break our laws when it comes to freedom of speech.

  • So let me play for you this short clip off Lord Farmer talking about these digital companies and how they must respect our freedom of speech.

  • And if they don't, how regulation is what is necessary.

  • Here he is.

  • Facebook, Twitter and I Thankfully, I'm not on those things, but the whole social media area.

  • The taking down, off off people from from from from these sites is you know, they have this fact check, don't they?

  • All right, well, who checks the facts on who's making those decisions?

  • And are These are these social media companies?

  • Actually, publishers are they censoring?

  • It seems that way it looks that way.

  • It probably is that way.

  • Andi, I think governments are waking up to the fact that they are publishers, not just a social media platform.

  • And if they are publisher, they they will be subject completely different legislation.

  • Andi, uh, I think that I think that's coming down the road, and it's something they need to be aware off.

  • Yeah, I think you're right.

  • Especially when all of those platforms seem to all have the same political persuasion.

  • And it's lance that way.

  • Look, we've seen some antitrust action happening with Google, which might lead to this, but I mean, I'll be honest.

  • For 8.5 years, I published conversations online and never had a single problem until April of this year.

  • And now things were regularly censored.

  • Why?

  • Why is that exactly what presidential election?

  • That's why, yes, and and like you said, um, where do these rules come from?

  • And this community policy, that's very subjective.

  • Hate speech.

  • Yeah, that could be applied to anything.

  • And and, like you said, fact checkers, who funds these people?

  • It's actually usually one degree of separation from somebody involved in a, you know, left wing supporting group.

  • Do you think government should at some point, step in and oh, absolutely, I think they have thio.

  • I mean, it is senseless censorship, and it's e I mean the antitrust suit.

  • I mean, the whole area, the social media dominance, e mean, it's sort of getting like a sort of Rockefeller standard oil type thing.

  • You know where you're gonna have a break up off the dominance that that's there on the Internet.

  • So I think governments, it is that it is the duty of government, actually, because you're actually getting these companies, uh, taking over the role of government in some respects, taking powers away from government on Do you know?

  • You know, I I think we want I censored in Parliament.

  • We have debates with passed laws and everything else.

  • But actually what's happening?

  • What's happening on social media that's actually affecting the life outside of here farm or than what we're doing in there?

  • Well, if your government, you should be wary of that because they aren't elected that they aren't elected, they choose themselves and they impose themselves, their values on us without us asking them to.

  • Yeah, on that needs to be challenged.

  • Yeah, they're more powerful governments these days, and as opposed to the steel industry and the oil industry, which in the telecommunications industry, which we broke up in the past, this pervades, You know, your own digital identity.

  • And our kids these days don't know the difference between their identity and their digital identity.

  • So it's hard to even know how powerful those companies are.

  • It's gonna be interesting to see what happens next.

and I want to play a video for you now of an incredible conversation I had with an incredible man.


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