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  • Tragic deaths, mysterious disappearances, and  unexplainable phenomenon - the realm of unsolved  


  • mysteries can prove irresistible, especially  in the internet age. Now amateur sleuths  


  • can pore over the evidence on blogs, discuss  their outlandish theories in message boards,  


  • and occasionally even stumble upon the solutions  to some of these seemingly unsolvable puzzles.  


  • But, despite the aid of the internet and the  interest of thousands of amateur detectives,  


  • the weirdest unsolved mysteries  remain unsolved to this day.


  • The 1987 deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives  seemed at first glance to be a simple accident,  


  • but plenty of questions arose in the aftermath  of the incident, and their deaths remain unsolved  


  • to this day. On August 23rd, 1987, a train  conductor travelling through Arkansas called in  


  • to report a disturbing incident. As his train was  barrelling down the tracks, he noticed something  

    不穏な事件を報告するために彼の列車が線路を 駆け下りていた時 彼は何かに気付きました

  • laying on the tracks up ahead. He was too close  and was going too fast to stop the train in time,  


  • and he ran over what turned out to be 2 bodiesThe medical examiner ruled the deaths accidental,  

    彼は2人の遺体を轢いてしまいました 検死官は事故死と判断しました

  • claiming that the two men had smoked too much  cannabis and fallen asleep on the train tracks,  


  • but that didn't sit right with the conductor - he  clearly recalled seeing that the two bodies were  

    しかし、それは車掌には受け入れられませんでした - 彼は明らかに2つの死体を見て思い出しました

  • tied to the tracks as the train approachedRumors quickly spread that the two men had  

    列車が近づいてきた時に トラックに縛られていました 噂はすぐに広まりました

  • unwittingly stumbled upon an illicit drug drop  and had been killed to protect those involved,  


  • though no one was ever charged. Years laterWWE superstar Billy Jack Haynes would claim  


  • to have been hired by a local politician  to run security for that very drug drop,  


  • and he said he witnessed the murders  of Henry and Ives. Despite his claims,  


  • no further investigations were undertakenand the case remains unsolved to this day.


  • We may never know who is responsible for  the mysterious deaths of Henry and Ives,  


  • but the untimely death of Kathy Hobbs  is all the more chilling and mysterious  

    しかし キャシー・ホッブスの早すぎる死は より不気味で謎に包まれている

  • for the fact that she apparently saw it coming.


  • As a teen, young Kathy began to experience strange  premonitions that foreshadowed her own death.  


  • She was so convinced that she would die before  she reached the age of 16 that she developed a  


  • severe case of agoraphobia and refused to leave  her house. After years of isolation and paranoia,  


  • Kathy celebrated her sweet 16th, andbelieving that the curse had been lifted, she  


  • began venturing outside of the house once againTragically, just 3 months after her 16th birthday  

    再び家の外に出るようになった。 悲劇的なことに、彼女の16歳の誕生日からわずか3ヶ月後に

  • in 1987, while walking home from the bookstore  with a new paperback novel under her arm,  


  • Kathy was attacked, beaten and left for  dead with blunt force trauma to her head.  


  • In 1989, a man named Michael Lee Lockhart  was charged and convicted for her murder,  


  • but he never confessed to the killing, and  many question whether he's truly guilty.  


  • His conviction also doesn't explain  how Kathy foresaw her own demise.

    彼の確信は キャシーがどうやって自分の死を予見したかの説明にもならない。

  • Kathy's tragic death may have been foretold,  


  • but the mysterious disappearance of  Elisa Lam is something no one saw coming.


  • In 2013, guests at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles  complained that the hotel's drinking water had a  


  • foul smell and taste to it. The hotel's staff  investigated, and what they found was truly  


  • horrifying. Inside one of the hotel's enormous  rooftop water tanks, they found the body of  


  • one of the hotel's guests, 21 year old Elisa  Lam, floating lifelessly inside the tank. It  

    ホテルの宿泊客の1人 21歳のエリサ・ラムが タンクの中で命を落として浮かんでいましたそれは

  • seemed impossible that the diminutive girl had  climbed all the way up to the top of the tank,  


  • opened its heavy metal door, and willingly jumped  into the dark tank, especially since the tank's  


  • door was locked from the outside. Things got  even weirder when staff reviewed the security  


  • footage from the night Elisa disappeared. She  was caught on camera standing in the elevator,  


  • looking around wildly as if someone in the hallway  was pursuing her. That was the last time anyone  

    廊下で誰かに追われているかのように 辺りを見回していましたそれが最後でした

  • saw Elisa Lam alive, and to this day, no one knows  how she ended up floating in that water tank.


  • It's always disturbing to hear about  a mysterious death or disappearance,  


  • but when mother nature is involvedthings can get truly terrifying.


  • In January 1959, a group of Soviet students  from Ural Polytechnic Institute set off on what  


  • was supposed to be a 16 day hiking expeditionAll 9 of the students were highly experienced  

    は16日間のハイキング遠征の予定でした。 9名の学生は全員が経験豊富で

  • mountaineers under the leadership of 5th-year  student and expert guide Igor Dyatlov. Little did  


  • they know that this would be their last trip into  the wilderness. When the group failed to check in  


  • via telegram from their final destination, rescue  efforts were dispatched nearly 2 weeks after their  


  • planned return. What the rescuers found would  haunt them for years, and spawn one of the most  


  • enduring mysteries of the modern age. Afterdays of searching, rescuers stumbled upon the  


  • remains of the students' abandoned camp. Their  large canvas tent had partially collapsed and  


  • appeared to have been sliced open from the insidebut there was no sign of the students nearby. The  


  • next day, 2 bodies were found nearly a mile awayhuddled naked around the remnants of a campfire.  


  • 3 more bodies were dug out from the snow in the  following days, and the bodies of the rest of  


  • the students were found in May once the snow had  melted. An early Soviet investigation ruled that  


  • the accident was the result of thespontaneous  power of nature”, and officials kept the details  


  • of the investigation classified for decadesUnsurprisingly, this ruling proved unsatisfactory  

    何十年にもわたって分類されてきた調査の 当然のことながら この判決は 不満足なものでした

  • to many, and over the years more than 75  alternate theories were put forth, covering  


  • everything from an attack by local tribes to alien  abduction. One of the most chilling theories is  

    地元の部族による攻撃から エイリアンの誘拐まで全てです最も不気味な理論の一つは

  • that the entire site was staged to cover up an  accident while testing a new top secret weapon.


  • None of these theories fully explain why  a group of highly experienced mountaineers  


  • would willingly leave their tent and  expose themselves to the harsh elements,  


  • why many of the bodies were found stripped  naked in the brutal Russian winter,  


  • or how many of the students were found with  broken bones and head injuries. Given the  


  • decades that have passed since the incident  and the notorious secrecy of the Soviets, it's  


  • unlikely that we'll ever know the full truth of  what really happened in the Dyatlov Pass incident.


  • The possibility of a new, top secret weapon  is at the heart of another unsolved mystery,  


  • too - this one much more recent and foreboding.

    あまりにも - この1つは、はるかに最近のものであり、予断を許さない。

  • In 2016, a CIA officer checked into the American  Embassy's health office in Havana, Cuba,  


  • complaining of nausea, dizziness and a severe  headache. Within days, 2 more CIA officers  


  • reported the exact same strange symptoms, stumping  embassy health officials. By the end of 2018,  

    全く同じ奇妙な症状が報告され 大使館の保健当局を唖然とさせました2018年末までに

  • 26 Americans and 14 Canadians in Cuba had  experienced the mysterious illness, which doctors  


  • diagnosed as concussion-like symptoms, though  none of those afflicted showed any other signs of  


  • having sustained a concussion. They did all share  one thing in common, though - each victim claimed  

    脳震盪を起こしたと彼らには共通点がありました 被害者はそれぞれが

  • that the onset of their symptoms were triggered  by a strange, high-pitched noise they had heard  


  • immediately before. Officials were stumpedthey knew of nothing that could make a sound that  


  • would cause such symptoms. Was it some kind of new  weapon? The Cubans denied any involvement, and the  


  • FBI found no evidence that such a weapon existedSome scientists who listened to recordings of the  

    FBIはそのような武器が存在した証拠を見つけられなかった。 の録音を聞いた科学者の中には

  • noises that some victims had made thought it  sounded like the mating calls of crickets,  


  • but how could that cause such disorienting  symptoms? Still others thought it was just the  

    しかし、どうしてそのような混乱した症状を 引き起こすことができるのでしょうか?まだ他の人はそれが

  • Cuban heat - but that didn't explain what happened  next in China. In May 2018, an American working at  

    キューバの暑さ - しかし、それでは中国では次に何が起こったのか説明できなかった。2018年5月には

  • the consulate in Guangzhou was diagnosed with the  same mysterious illness that had struck in Cuba -  


  • unexplained nausea, dizziness and a blinding  headache brought on by a strange, high-pitched  


  • sound. Within months, 15 other Americans were  evacuated from China, along with nearly 60% of  


  • the Americans working in Cuba. There is still no  official explanation for these bizarre symptoms.

    キューバで働いているアメリカ人がこれらの奇妙な症状についての 公式な説明はまだありません

  • Unsolved mysteries are certainly  not a strictly modern phenomenon.  


  • This perplexing 19th century mystery has  remained unsolved for nearly 150 years.


  • On December 4th, 1872, the British-American  ship the Mary Celeste was found abandoned and  


  • adrift in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. The  ship was seaworthy, her cargo was fully intact,  


  • but there was not a soul on board, alive, or deadThe ship had set sail from New York and was headed  

    船内には生死を問わず誰もいませんでした 船はニューヨークから出航していて

  • for Genoa, Italy. Her 7 crewmen had been under the  leadership of Captain Briggs, who had brought his  


  • wife and 2 year old daughter along for the tripThey had supplies enough for a 6 month voyage, and  

    妻と2歳の娘を連れて旅に出た。 彼らは6ヶ月間の航海に十分な物資を持っていました。

  • luxurious accommodations for the captain's familyincluding a sewing machine and an upright piano.


  • When the ship was discovered adrift in the  Atlantic, everything onboard was untouched.  


  • The only thing missing from the ship was the  lifeboat, which appeared to have been boarded  


  • and lowered in an orderly fashion. The last  entry from the ship's log revealed nothing  


  • unusual that could explain the disappearance  of the ship's entire crew and passengers.  


  • Many theories have been floated in the years  and decades since the disappearance of the ship.  


  • Some think the crew must have mutinied against  the captain, while others blame pirates,  


  • though neither theory explains why nothing was  missing from the ship. Still others believe that  


  • the crew was fleeing an attack by a giant octopus,  a whale or even a sea monster, yet the ship was  


  • fully intact with no signs of damage. At least  one scientist thinks that the crew took to the  


  • lifeboat because they were fleeing a fire caused  by the fumes from some alcohol among the ship's  


  • cargo, which could have burned without leaving  any scorch marks. In reality, we'll never know  


  • the true reason why 10 souls abandoned the safety  of their ship for the dangers of the open ocean,  


  • since none of them were ever heard from again, and  no sign of their boat or bodies was ever found.


  • Most unsolved mysteries involve the  mysterious death or disappearance of a person,  


  • but the mysterious dog suicides of Scotland prove  


  • that the realm of the unexplained  is not a uniquely human phenomenon.


  • It was a miracle she survived,” recalled  Lottie MacKinnon, thinking of the day years  

    "彼女が生き残ったのは奇跡だった" ロティ・マッキノンはあの日のことを思い出していた

  • ago when she was walking her border collie over  the Overtoun Bridge, a century-old gothic stone  


  • bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland. The locals have  their own name for the bridge - they call it  


  • Dog Suicide Bridge. Since the 1950s, hundreds of  Scots, like Lottie, have claimed that their dogs  


  • were suddenly compelled to leap over the side  of the bridge, many tragically falling to their  


  • deaths on the jagged rocks in the gorge below. On  the day that Lottie's dog Bonnie took the leap,  

    下の峡谷のギザギザの岩の上で 死者が出ましたロティの犬ボニーが 飛躍した日に

  • she clearly recalls how Bonnie started acting  strangely as soon as they approached the bridge.  

    彼らが橋に近づくとすぐに ボニーが奇妙な行動を始めたことを 彼女ははっきりと覚えている

  • Bonnie froze at first, before suddenly running  across the bridge, jumping up onto the parapet,  


  • and leaping over the edge. It all happened  so fast that Lottie barely had time to react,  

    縁から飛び降りましたあっという間の出来事だったので ロティには反応する時間がほとんどありませんでした

  • but she remembers that Bonnie seemed to  be compelled to jump by something unseen.  


  • Luckily, when Lottie made the treacherous climb  down the banks and into the gorge, she found  


  • Bonnie lying on the rocks, whimpering but aliveNot all dogs who run afoul of the Overtoun Bridge  

    岩の上に横たわるボニーは、泣き声をあげながらも生きていた。 越冬橋で暴れる犬ばかりではありません

  • are so lucky - locals say that as many as 300 dogs  have leapt from the bridge in the last 70 years,  

    はとても幸運です - 地元の人々 は、過去 70 年間で橋から飛躍した 300 の犬のように多くのことを言います。

  • and that at least 50 dogs have died. Were these  dogs simply enticed by the smells of the animals  

    少なくとも50匹の犬が死んでいますこれらの犬は単に動物の匂いに 誘われただけだったのでしょうか?

  • living in the gorge below, or was something more  sinister at work, something convincing the dogs  


  • to take their own lives? Locals are convinced  that something paranormal haunts the bridge,  


  • possibly the infamous White Lady of Overtoun, the  widow of a wealthy landowner who is frequently  


  • sighted walking the grounds and standing in the  windows of Overtoun Manor, the historic property  

    歴史的建造物であるOvertoun Manorの敷地内を歩いたり、窓に立ったりする姿が目撃されています。

  • where the bridge is located. The mystery  of Dog Suicide Bridge remains unsolved,  


  • and locals are careful to keep their dogs on  a tight leash when walking near the bridge.


  • The world of unsolved mysteries can be an unending  rabbit hole, and they serve to remind us that  


  • there's more that we don't know about our world  than what we can know for sure. We might never  


  • have the answers to these weirdest unsolved  mysteries, but that's half the fun, isn't it?


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Tragic deaths, mysterious disappearances, and  unexplainable phenomenon - the realm of unsolved  



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