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Archery, rowing, wrestling. What do these sports have in common? They are all Summer
Olympics Sports! Hi, everyone! I'm Melanie. In this video, I'll teach you the correct
American pronunciation for all the sports that are part of the Summer Olympics. You'll
see a picture of the sports, the name of the sport, and the IPA pronunciation/phonetic
transcription of the sport name.Watch my mouth, listen, and repeat after me!
Let's get started.
archery athletics
In North America, this sport is more commonly called 'track and field,' because it's a collection
of events that include running races around a track, and jumping and throwing competitions
on the field inside the track
badminton basketball
beach volleyball boxing
canoe - slalom canoe - sprint
Even though the official name of this sport is 'canoe,' it includes events for two different
kinds of boats: canoes, and kayaks cycling
There are 4 different types of cycling sports at the Olympics:
BMX cycling mountain biking
road cycling track cycling
diving equestrian
This sport is more commonly known as 'horseback riding.' There are 3 different events in the
sport of equestrian: jumping, eventing, dressage fencing
football which, of course, is called soccer in North America.
There are 2 different types of gymnastics at the Olympics:
artistic gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics
handball hockey - which, in North America, is called
field hockey. judo
modern pentathlon In this sport, athletes must compete in 5
different events: fencing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting, and running all in the
same day rowing
sailing shooting
swimming synchronized swimming
table tennis informally, this sport is also called ping
pong. taekwondo
trampoline triathlon
In this sport, athletes must swim, cycle and run one right after the other
volleyball water polo
weightlifting wrestling
That's it! Now it's your turn! What sport do like to watch during the Olympics? Let
me know in the comments below.
I hope you enjoyed this video! Thank you for watching. I'm Melanie, from www.englishteachermelanie.com.
Bye, everyone!


夏季オリンピック種目の名前の言い方(How to Say the Names of Summer Olympic Sports - (ESL) American Pronunciation)

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