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  • The year was 1956 at the White  Sands missile testing grounds,  


  • near Holloman Air Force Base in New  Mexico. The site was used for rocket  


  • tests, and Major William Cunningham was  involved in collecting debris for tests  


  • after a successful launch. Assisting him was  Air Force Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette. It was an  


  • uneventful day full of tedious work, and the  two men separated to cover different areas  


  • of the field. But what had been a predictable  day of work was about to become anything but  


  • when Cunningham was snapped out of his labor bybloodcurdling scream from nearby. It was Lovette!


  • In the New Mexico desert, danger wasn't uncommon  - especially with venomous snakes everywhere.  


  • Cunningham was prepared to spring into action  with first aid if Lovette had been bitten, but he  

    カニンガムは ロヴェットが噛まれた時の応急処置を準備していたが

  • wasn't prepared for what he found. The scream was  Lovette, but what had grabbed him wasn't a snake -  

    彼が見つけたものには 準備ができていませんでした悲鳴はロヴェットだったが、彼をつかんだのは蛇ではなかった。

  • or anything from this world. Lovette was being  dragged, screaming in terror, by a long metal arm  

    この世界のものでも何でもないロベットは長い金属製の腕に 引きずられていた

  • that was wrapped around his legs. It was so longCunningham didn't even know where it ended - until  


  • he looked up. The long metallic appendage wasn't  on the ground, but it was leading up to a large  


  • silver disk in the sky, hovering twenty feet  overhead. Cunningham stumbled back, frozen in  


  • horror, and watched as Lovette was pulled into the  sky and into the disk, which rose into the sky and  


  • disappeared from view. Major Cunningham radioed  for help, but the horror was just beginning.


  • The site was soon swarming with security teams  as they combed the missile testing grounds for  


  • any sign of Lovette, but nothing could be foundCunningham was incoherent and kept talking about  

    ロヴェットの痕跡はあったが 何も見つからなかった カニンガムは支離滅裂で

  • an inhuman object having kidnapped the soldierand most believed he suffered a mental breakdown.  

    非人間的な物体が 兵士を誘拐したと考えられており 精神的に参っていたと考えられています

  • He was taken to the base hospital for observation  and questioning, but he never wavered from his  


  • story that Lovette had been taken into the air by  a UFO. Backing up his account according to some  


  • sources - the base had a radar system that  did pick up an unidentified radar contact  


  • near the location at the time Lovette was takenThis caused the military to step up the search,  

    ロヴェットが誘拐された時の場所の近くで これが原因で 軍は 捜索を強化することになった

  • examining the surrounding desert for the  next few days. But it would be three days  


  • before anything was found - and what they  found would shock and confuse everyone.

    何かが発見される前に - そして、彼らが見つけたものは、誰もがショックを受け、混乱するだろう。

  • It was Sgt. Jonathan Lovette's body, almost ten  miles from where he had been taken. Many people  


  • had suspected Cunningham might have been the one  to hurt Lovette, but the location of the body  

    カニンガムがロヴェットを傷つけたんじゃないかと 疑っていたが 死体の場所は

  • made that near-impossible - he wouldn't have had  time to move the body before he radioed for help.  

    それは不可能に近いことだった - 彼は助けを求めるために無線で連絡する前に体を動かす時間がなかっただろう。

  • The medical examiners concluded that the body had  been exposed to the elements for between one and  


  • two days, meaning Lovette had been...somewhere  else before his body was left in the desert.  

    砂漠に遺体が残される前に ロベットは 別の場所にいたことになる

  • And he was totally naked. But that wasn't the  only thing that was different about his body,  


  • and horrors that had been done to him  made people think of one thing - aliens.

    そして、彼にされた恐怖は、人々に一つのことを考えさせた - 宇宙人。

  • Since the earliest UFO sightings, farmers  had claimed their cattle were being taken  


  • from the fields by UFOs and returned  to Earth dead and horribly mutilated,  


  • often with precise markings that looked  like they had been done by a machine.  


  • Most people believed there were other  explanations, like cults or natural causes like  


  • predators and parasites. A ranting farmer  claiming that his prize cow Bessie was  

    捕食者と寄生虫農家が暴言を吐いていました 彼の賞品である牛ベッシーは

  • taken by aliens wasn't usually enough  to get federal investigators involved,  

    異星人に連れ去られただけでは、連邦捜査官を 巻き込むことはできませんでした。

  • and there had been no reports of anything  like this happening to a human - until now.


  • The on-base medical investigators soon  discovered that Lovette's corpse had been  

    基地内の医学調査員は すぐに ロヴェットの死体が

  • horribly mutilated, with his tongue removed  at the root and his eyes neatly gouged out.  


  • Even more horrifying, his anus  and genitalia had been removed,  


  • and many of his organs had been taken outMaking it more confusing, they had all been  

    多くの臓器が摘出されていました さらに混乱を招いたのは、すべての臓器が

  • neatly extracted, as if through a surgical  procedure. But no mad surgeon would do this  

    まるで外科手術をしているかのように きれいに抽出されています。しかし 狂った外科医はこんなことはしません

  • to a human. The final revelation about Lovette's  body had been the most disturbing - his body  

    人間にロヴェットの体についての 最後の暴露は 最も不穏なものだった 彼の体だ

  • had been carefully drained of its blood, but the  vascular system was intact - not like what happens  


  • when someone bleeds to death. Who - or whatcould have done this to Sgt. Jonathan Lovette?

    誰かが出血して死ぬときにジョナサン・ロヴェット巡査部長にこんなことをしたのは 誰だ?

  • The answers aren't going to be easy in  coming. Project Grudge Report had fourteen  


  • files, and the first twelve and the  fourteenth have all been declassified.  


  • They discuss various UFO sightings with  a good amount of evidence of them but no  


  • conclusive proof. But Grudge Report #13  isn't mentioned in any official files  

    決定的な証拠しかし グラッジ・レポート#13には 公式ファイルには記載されていない

  • and remains firmly classified to this dayover sixty years later. That's left many  


  • conspiracy and alien abduction buffs with  nothing to do but discuss their theories  


  • of the Lovette-Cunningham incidents - with each  theory having strong proponents, but many holes.


  • The most common theory among skeptics is that  Major Cunningham killed Lovette, possibly in  

    懐疑論者の間で最も一般的な説は カニンガム少佐が ロベットを殺したというものです

  • a dispute over the handling of the debris. But  that raises the question - who could have done  


  • that to the body and so precisely? Cunningham  didn't have any medical training, so he would  


  • need an accomplice. With the military base having  a fully-stocked base hospital and on-site doctors,  

    共犯者が必要だ軍の基地には 基地病院と現場の医師が 揃っています

  • the prevailing theory is that he could have  gotten a doctor on site to find the body,  


  • move it further off-site, and do the mutilations  to it when the search had been called off  


  • to make it look like something otherworldly  was the culprit. But this would take a  


  • lot of coordination at a time when  everyone was being closely watched,  


  • and the surgical precision needed was likely  beyond the ability of 1950s Air Force medics.


  • Another theory is that Sgt. Lovette fell  prey to very normal horrors in the desert,  


  • and Major Cunningham's exhaustion and confusion  led him to see something much more twisted and  


  • horrible than what really happened. The New Mexico  desert is a dangerous place full of predators,  


  • including mountain lions that are large and  aggressive enough to drag off and maul a human.  


  • That doesn't explain the smooth mutilations, but  the long lag time between Lovette's abduction  


  • and his body's discovery could mean that he had  time to bleed out, and then his body could have  


  • been moved again by another predator. But for  the descriptions of the body to be accurate,  


  • it would take a much more intelligent predator  to pull this off. Possibly even a human predator.

    これを成功させるには もっと知的な捕食者が必要です人間の捕食者かもしれません

  • One of the most popular theories about  unexplained abductions and mutilation  


  • involves dangerous cults of devil-worshippers who  perform sacrifices to their dark God. Usually,  


  • they target animals in their rituals, explaining  the rash of cattle mutilations. They would be  

    彼らは儀式で動物を標的にしていて 牛の切除のラッシュを説明しています彼らは

  • able to use the sharp knives and surgical tools  needed to mutilate an animal - or person - and  


  • drain them of blood. While there hasn't beendocumented case of a murder traced to these cults,  


  • there are many unexplained disappearances around  the United States that have never been solved.  


  • The kidnapping of a US soldier, though, would  be a massive escalation that would bring a much  


  • larger police presence down on these cults - and  there's no record of a manhunt for the culprits  


  • in Lovette's murder, raising the odds that  whatever killed him didn't come from this Earth.

    彼を殺したものが この地球から来たものではない可能性が高くなった

  • Are there actually aliens stalking the desertslooking for prey to experiment on and then return  


  • to Earth, their bodies destroyed? The sheer number  of cattle found mutilated over the year lends  


  • credence to the theory, and the description by  Major Cunningham of what took his fellow soldier  


  • doesn't match anything from this Earth. The  extent of the injuries to Sgt. Lovette's body  


  • make it hard to imagine anything human or animal  could have done it. But if aliens kidnapped and  


  • murdered a US soldier, wouldn't the United States  have gone to war? We've all seen the movies where  

    アメリカ兵を殺したら アメリカは戦争に行かなかったのか?私たちは皆、映画で見たことがあります

  • aliens attack and America comes roaring back  to blow up their ships. The only question  


  • is...with what weapons? In the 1950s, the space  program was just getting started. The description  


  • Cunningham gave of the ship that took Lovette  was several centuries beyond anything humans had,  


  • and no one would have known how to track or fight  it. If Sgt. Lovette was killed by an alien ship,  

    誰も追跡も戦い方も知らなかっただろうロベット巡査部長が エイリアンの船に殺されたとしたら

  • the US could have done very little but watch  the skies and try to prevent another attack.


  • But there's another theory about the strange  death of Sgt. Jonathan Lovette that's gaining  

    しかし ジョナサン・ロヴェット巡査部長の奇妙な死については別の説があります

  • more attention as people look into the  strange case of Project Grudge File #13.

    "Project Grudge File #13" の奇妙な事件に注目が集まっています。

  • When a government file is highly classified like  File #13, good luck getting a look at it. So where  

    政府のファイルが 高度に機密扱いされてる時 ファイル#13のように それを見ることができるのは幸運だそれで どこで

  • do we know about the Lovette-Cunningham Incident  from? A pair of prominent conspiracy theorists  


  • have claimed to be part of the long-defunct  Project Grudge, which allowed them to see  


  • the original file. The first, the notorious UFO  theorist William Cooper, claimed to have seen it  


  • in the 1970s and was the first to make public the  supposed horrific details of Lovette's mutilation.  


  • William English, a former Green Beret captain, was  working a US security detail at a base in England  


  • when he supposedly got ahold of the fileColin Bertram, who collected much of this  

    彼がそのファイルを手に入れたとされる時だ コリン・バートラムは このファイルの多くを集めた

  • information for a History Channel special  of the case, also mentioned that the case  


  • was discussed by Frank Joseph, a controversial  racist conspiracy theorist who believed a war  


  • with extraterrestrials was coming. These three  accounts have been circulating, furthering the  


  • spread of the rumors about the incident. But  what has the government actually said about it?


  • The conspiracy theorists will tell you that the  government doesn't want you to know the truth,  


  • that they scrubbed all record of the incident  from the books - and they would be right. If  

    彼らは事件の記録を帳簿から全て消去しました - そして彼らは正しいでしょうもし

  • you comb the military files for any record of  the strange death of Sgt. Jonathan Lovette,  


  • you'll find nothing. Nor will you find any  record of what happened to Major Cunningham  

    何も見つからないカニンガム少佐に何が起こったかの 記録もない

  • after his horrible discovery. But they've  gone further, because you won't find any  


  • record of either man ever being a part of  the United States Air Force - or, in fact,  


  • having existed at all, Did the Government  scrub all record of these men from existence,  


  • including everyone who knew themto cover up this horrible incident?

    この恐ろしい事件を隠蔽するために 彼らの知り合いも含めて?

  • Or did they just never exist at all? What we  know about Project Grudge File #13 is that a man  

    それとも全く存在しなかったのか?"プロジェクト・グラッジ・ファイル#13 "について 知っていることは

  • supposedly died horribly - but there's no record  of any of it happening, and the only claims that  


  • it did happen come from a trio of discredited  conspiracy theorists who claim they somehow got  


  • to look at the most highly classified government  document of all time. And the government, which  


  • supposedly covered the case up for decades, let  them go around telling everyone and even publish  


  • books on the incident! Was the black ops assassin  who covered up the incident on leave or something?


  • The truth may be out there, but the truth  about the Lovette-Cunningham incident may  


  • be much closer to Earth, and there's  no proof it ever happened. But anyone  


  • who reads about it is probably still  going to keep a closer eye on the stars.


  • For more on whether aliens are out therecheck outScientists Submit Actual Proof  

    宇宙人がいるかどうかの詳細については、「Scientists Submit Actual Proof」をご覧ください。

  • Aliens Are Watching You Right Now”,  or check out this video instead.


The year was 1956 at the White  Sands missile testing grounds,  



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