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bjbj Home Fat Blasting Workout! Abby: Hi you guys! This is Abby with insanehomefatloss.com,
and I am going to bring you guys an awesome home workout you can do in the privacy of
your home. And first, we re going to be starting off with high knees for 30 seconds, then secondly,
we re going to go to mount climbers, then next, we ll do side to side pushups, and then
lastly, we ll be doing 30 seconds of jumping knee tucks. So anyway, what I like to use
is I get my timer, and I know a lot of people have timers on their phones. But, we re starting
with those high knees, start it for 30 seconds, and my thing will be beeping at 30 seconds.
So, here we go! High knees 30 seconds. A lot of people like to put on some music, something
that will motivate them, use their iPod, or maybe a TV, but you know something that gets
you going, not just doesn t get on, can't get your music station, but something that
s upbeat. I don t know, a lot of people use pictures to motivate. And you want to put
up some pictures to look at, that s another thing, it's fine! Anyway, keep it going. Okay.
And now, we re moving to mountain climbers. So, you re going to be putting your feet on
the towel, and going for 30 seconds, and just sliding the towel. So hopefully, you will
have with force, and doing that for 30 seconds. So this really engages your core, and you
can notice my glutes are down. Most of my weight is on my shoulders. But, I am making
sure that I am using my ab muscle. And then, next we ll be going to side to side pushups.
So still down on the floor, and you re going to just be moving across it. [Music] And then
you can go back if you run out of space. [Music] Okay. And lastly, there is jumping high knee
tucks. So, what we re trying to do is engage our core, and jump up. [Music] Getting hurried
up, you re burning calories. [Music] Okay. So, this is the first round, and you have
30 seconds now to rest. Take a break, you can drink water, and then we re going to go
back to do that two more times. [Music] Breathe a little bit, and know that you re going to
have two minutes of getting it really kicked. Now, coming down to 5 seconds; so now we re
up for high knees. So get ready, we re going to be doing high knees, 30 seconds, let's
go! [Music] Remember that you re engaging the core, your leg on feet, burning those
calories. Hopefully you've got some music pumping as you re doing high knees. [Music]
Okay. Now, we re going back down to the floor, and we re doing those mountain climbers. [Music]
Make sure glutes are down, turn your back to the table top, so you re going to position
all the weight on your shoulders, but you re engaging the core. And if you don t have
wooden floors, know that you can also do this on the carpet. So, there is always an option.
Great! Now, I am going to do the side pushups. So, we re going to be engaging our chest.
As you go down, take a step. So, depending on how much room you have, you can get that
many pushups. Once you get to the end of the wall, just take it down to the next side.
[Music] Okay? And now we re setting up for those jump knee tucks. These are always fun,
make sure you rely on your feet, you re engaging your core, probably breathing heavy like me.
[Music] And great time! So, to get another 30 seconds, take water and know that you have
another 2 minutes. [Music] Try to catch that heart rate, and you know that s going to be
going right back up, so our burned fat, ready to do this for 2 more minutes, high knees
you guys. Try to remember you re engaging the ab muscles and your core, getting those
knees up there, you re relied on your feet. If you live on second floor, you don t want
to be waking up your downstairs neighbors. We live in ninth floor; mountain climbers.
Okay. Get those towels ready, here we got them. If not, you may do, there is always
a modification. If you re working on carpet, you can still slide those feet. [Music] Next,
we re taking the side pushups. So get the towel in the way, engage that chest muscle,
get down, start, then take it back down, and then putting it on and repeat it and keep
moving. And now we re back up on the floor, we re doing knee tucks and here we go, jumping
on feet; the rate should be up, engaging up core. [Music] And we are done you guys. Thank
you all for joining me! This is Abby with insanehomefatloss.com [Music] h?PX h?PX h&/^
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Home Fat Blasting Workout!

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