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  • So one of my main policies as your next mayor of London is education.


  • First, it's something that's really important to me is the education of our Children and making sure that we prioritize that.


  • And that's why I was a bit alarmed this week to find out that 22% of secondary school students went missing This'll week.


  • And that's actually up from 17% um, the previous month, and that was all because of fears of cove it.


  • And what's happening in the schools is that three quarters of them have now sent students home all because they fear the coded transmission and my daughter's 16.

    学校で起きていることは 4分の3の学校が生徒を家に帰していることです 彼らは暗号化された通信を恐れています 私の娘の16歳のためにね

  • And it's something they're constantly dealing with a her school.


  • But the problem is, this is that none of this is based on science.


  • And yet it's got all of the teachers and all of the Cools schools stressed out and now under capacity, because they're sending students home that are not sick and when they've gone ahead and tested the students that were sent home and again, you're told to self isolate if you've had contact with someone who's tested positive, but you've got to self isolate for 14 days But it turns out that only 0.2% of those students sent home actually contracted the virus 0.2%.

    学校の先生方はストレスを感じていて 定員割れになっています 病気ではない生徒を家に送っていますが テストをした生徒は家に送られてきました もし誰かと接触して陽性反応が出た場合は 自己隔離するように言われていますが 14日間は自己隔離しなければなりません

  • So you're disrupting an entire quarter of the student population, and teachers go along with that for no reason, basically, because none of these students are positive.


  • And yet we have this bad science and again this disproportionate response to the virus that has thes arbitrary rules that say, If one of the students test positive, then everyone has to go home for 14 days.

    しかし、私たちは、この悪い科学を持っています そして、このウイルスへの不釣合いな反応は、 生徒の一人が陽性反応を示した場合、 誰もが14日間家に帰らなければならないという 任意のルールを持っています

  • And the unfortunate thing is that this really affect the lower income and poorer students more because a lot of times they don't have the access to technology and Internet that's required to stay in touch remotely for their school on again.


  • That's one of the reasons I'm prioritizing my digital first policy here in London for free broadband access to all citizens.


  • So we're not gonna have that problem with that.


  • But it just goes to show that we need mawr education and more science when it comes to our Children and what's happening in schools.


  • And I had Dr Martin cold off on my show recently from Harvard Medical School and one of the authors of The Great Barrington Declaration.


  • We're gonna have the Oxford professor on this show in the next couple weeks, and he said to me, He said, Brian, it doesn't make sense to test anyone under 18, he said.

    数週間後にオックスフォード大学の教授が この番組に出演しますが 彼は私に言いました 彼はブライアンに言いました 18歳未満の人をテストするのは 意味がないと彼は言いました

  • Because also we've shown that Children don't spread the virus.


  • They just don't spread it, he said.


  • I don't have a problem with younger Children being around older people.


  • It's the adults that seem to spread this virus, he said.


  • The science shows us that it shows that there's a thousandfold increase when it comes to vulnerability when you go from seven years old to 70 years old.


  • And yet no one's talking about this concept of focus protection, which he talks about again.


  • All we hear from the current mayor of London is lock down, lock down, lock down, let's lock down the whole city and this fear infects our school systems and they send Children home and their education gets disrupted and it's disruptive for the whole process.

    現在のロンドン市長から聞くのは、ロックダウン、ロックダウン、ロックダウン、 ロックダウン、ロックダウン、 街全体をロックダウンしましょう、 この恐怖が学校システムに感染し、 子供たちを家に送り、教育が中断され、 全体のプロセスが混乱します。

  • And then what's the point of having our education, which is the great equalizer?


  • The greatest gift we can give all of our Children and these kids will be taking care of us one day, and so this is not acceptable.


  • It's not acceptable when 22% of our secondary school students go missing, because then our schools are effectively are not back.


  • It means that they're only offering at 70 some percent of capacity and probably getting worse.


  • What we need to do is use the science and listen to people like Dart and Dr Martin, Cole, Dorf and other scientists that can show us there's a way of doing focus protection and not send a 10 year old home for two weeks because one of his classmates tested positive when later we find out that 10.2% of those actually connect can had the virus.

    何をする必要があります科学を使用して、ダーツと博士マーティン、コール、ドルフと他の科学者のような人々 に耳を傾ける私たちにフォーカス保護を行う方法があるし、彼のクラスメートの 1 つが陽性をテストしたので 2 週間 10 歳の家を送信しないことを示すことができる他の科学者後で我々 はそれらの 10.2% を実際に接続することができますウイルスを持っていたことを見つけるとき。

  • So again, back to the science, back to a proportionate response.


  • Unfortunately, our politicians, including our prime minister and the current mayor of London, have this one size fits all policy.


  • You see this with the current mayor, where he says all 32 boroughs have to do the same thing, even though where I'm located in Camden.


  • Now we have one of the lowest rates possible where a kneeling they have the highest rate, and he says we all go is one again not using the science, not using intelligence but using some strange a dent agenda that he might have, Um, for whatever reason, on But again, I'm back to following the science.

    今、我々は可能な限り低率の1つを持っています 膝をついていると、彼らは最高の率を持っています そして彼は、我々はすべて行くと言います 1つは再び科学を使用していません 知性を使用していませんが、彼が持っているかもしれないいくつかの奇妙なへこみ議題を使用しています ええと、どんな理由であれ、上で しかし、再び、私は科学に従うことに戻ってきました。

  • I'm also back to putting education first, So let's find a solution to this.


  • Let's make sure that our students could go back to school and stay at school.


  • Let's make sure we support the teachers as well, by not sending them home when they don't have to be sent home.


  • And so again, is more about embracing the science and getting the information out there.


  • Unfortunately, uh, science isn't something that seems to be embraced by our politicians, and I'd like to change.


  • All of that is your next mayor of London.


  • So thank you so much.


  • Please leave your comments below.


  • Tell me if you think we should be sending our Children home for these reasons when they're not showing this infection rate, tell me if we you think we should embrace the science and use a proportional response to the virus again.


  • We need new leadership that can actually have these conversations.


  • The top scientists in the world they're saying this and yet our politicians can engage with that.


  • That doesn't make sense to the me.


  • That's why I wanna take London in a new direction.


So one of my main policies as your next mayor of London is education.



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