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  • And so when you see what's happening now and some people say this is the worst it's ever been, do you see?


  • That is just the natural cycle of humanity.


  • And when you look back to 1968 or these other points in time, do you just say no?


  • This is just something that humanity actually does to itself.


  • It's just a natural evolution of the younger generation, the older generation, new ideas I do.


  • I just I see it is just a really organic cycle of how people establish themselves in the world and how they achieve in adulthood.


  • In a world that hasn't given us a lot of really clear channels to adulthood.


  • Right now, you know, we don't really have a frontier.


  • You could go into the kind of, you know, try to establish yourself Tabla Rasa.


  • So we have to reinvent the frontier by kind of creating these war zones.


  • Um, so I don't see it as the big upset travesty that other people might.


  • And do you think we also have a tendency to forget and, uh, rewrite our own past?

    私たちにも過去を忘れたり 書き換えたりする傾向があると思いますか?

  • I think I heard you comedy recently that when you saw some of the protests in Portland, You were like, What are these kids doing?

    ポートランドの抗議デモを見た時に 「この子達は何をしてるの? 」って言ってたのを 最近聞いた気がします

  • And I think one of your friend reminded you that you used to do this to Chuck.


  • Do you think sometimes the older generation forgets that they once were young and either did these things or thought these things too?


  • Oh, you know, one thing that kills May is my father worked for the railroad.


  • He was a brakeman, and he would get us up in the middle of the night and put us in a pickup truck.


  • My two sisters, my brother and I and he would drive us through the desert for hours until we came across an enormous train accident.


  • A train that had freight train did that had been derailed, and we would be there with all the other kind of subsistence families in the area.


  • And we would loot the train.


  • We would take whatever, uh, was being shipped in the box cars that were busted open and all these things that were just in disarray.

    箱車で輸送されていたものは何でも持って行っていました 壊れていてバラバラになっていたものもありました

  • And, uh, I forget about that.


  • And the other day I was I was kind of pissing and moaning about the looting in Chicago and the looting in Minneapolis loot the looting in Portland and a friend of mine just kind of leaned in and said, You did that.


  • You did that as a kid, as a teenager.


  • So you really can't say too much about people who are doing it now.


  • So, yeah, there is a big aspect of forgetting our own lives when we start to criticize other people's yeah, and even forgetting how we felt when we were teenagers.


  • Like I can still remember when I was a teenager thinking I can't trust anybody over 30.


  • Probably nobody over 25 like they don't get it, they'll never get it.


  • I still remember having weird thoughts like that, and I think it's hard for us.


  • Toe really understand how they're feeling in so many ways.


  • You know, I don't really e don't think you get over that now until, uh, your late twenties and early thirties and at that point you kind of realize that you're gonna need you're not gonna have the power and the vitality of youth much longer, and you're gonna need to transfer to a different form of power.

    20代後半から30代前半までは 乗り越えられないと思います その時点で気づくでしょう 若さのパワーや活力は 長くは続かないと

  • And you try to do that through education to try to do that through connections and networking.


  • But youth is gonna pass for you.


  • And at that point, uh, you do need to rely on other people.


And so when you see what's happening now and some people say this is the worst it's ever been, do you see?



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A2 初級 日本語 略奪 列車 ポートランド 世代 思い サイクル

若い世代。それはあなたがかつて若かったことを忘れないようにすることが重要である理由 - チャック-パラニアック (YOUNGER GENERATIONS: Why It Is Important To Not Forget That You Were Once Young - Chuck Palahniuk)

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