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  • Two thousand ten. The desert is hot, dusty  and dangerous. 19 year old Glenn Hockton is  


  • several weeks into a 7 month tour of duty  with the Coldstream Guards in Afghanistan.  


  • His main duties are patrolling the dusty terrainand loading mortars. Glenn's platoon is stationed  


  • in the Helmand province in the southwestern  part of the country, a region notorious  


  • for being a Taliban stronghold and also for  producing the world's largest supply of opium


  • One day, Glenn is on patrol when he  feels something brush against his back.  


  • The rosary beads he's wearing around his  neck slip off. He tries to catch the beads,  


  • but they fall to the ground. Glenn bends down to  pick them up and sees a strip of metal poking out  


  • of the dirt at his feet. He carefully brushes away  some of the dust, revealing more metal and wiring

    彼の足元の汚れを彼は 慎重に埃を払いのけてより多くの金属と配線を見せてくれます

  • His heart skips a beat, his worst fears have  come true. An IED [improvised explosive device]  


  • is buried in the ground inches from his feet. One  step more and he is likely to be maimed or killed

    足元から数センチのところに埋められている。一歩でも進めば 怪我をするか殺される可能性がある

  • Glenn slowly rises until he's upright and calls  for help. For 45 terrifying minutes he stays  


  • in the same position, sweat trickling down his  back, while his fellow soldiers work to defuse  


  • the explosive. Thankfully, they are able to do  so and the entire patrol returns to base safely


  • Glenn is not a religious person. He brought the  rosary to Afghanistan because of a story his  


  • family had told him about his great-grandfatherIncredibly, the exact same rosary had  

    家族が彼の曾祖父のことを 話してくれました 信じられないことに全く同じロザリオが

  • now saved two generations of his family. Over 65 year ago, Glenn's great-grandfather  


  • JosephSunnyTruman, fought in World War IIserving with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.  


  • Sunny was captured by the Nazis and held asPOW. As the Nazi retreated after losing battles,  


  • they forced the POWs on long marches to keep  them away from the advancing Allied Forces


  • On one such march, Sunny caught a glimpse  of something glinting in the dirt as he  


  • trudged through a field. Curious, he bent  down to pick it up. Just then, a shell  


  • exploded right in front of Sunny, missing him by  millimeters. Unfortunately, six of his comrades  


  • were instantaneously killed by the blast. If Sunny  had been standing up, he would have died too


  • The object Sunny stopped to pick up? A rosary. This isn't the first time a religious object has  


  • miraculously saved a soldier. Several  soldiers have been saved by Bibles


  • In 1862 during the US Civil War, Private Richard  R. Best of the North Carolina Infantry fought in  


  • the Battle of Antietam, at Sharpsburg, MarylandDuring a ferocious skirmish, a Bible Private Best  

    アンティータムの戦い メリーランド州シャープスバーグでの 激しい小競り合いの中、ビブレ二等兵のベストが

  • had in his pocket stopped a bullet to his chestpreventing a fatal wound. That Bible is on display  

    ポケットに入れていた銃弾を止めて 致命傷を防いでいましたその聖書が展示されている

  • at the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier at  Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, Virginia


  • In July of 1915, 17 year old British soldier  Leonard Knight was given a pocket Bible by his  


  • aunt Minnie Yates before he headed off to World  War I. Two years later, Leonard was saved from a  


  • likely fatal gunshot wound when a German bullet  hit the Bible which was in his uniform breast  


  • pocket. The bullet penetrated the hard front cover  and embedded itself about 50 pages from the end of  


  • the book. The Bible is now a treasured memento  of Aunt Minnie's great-great grandchildren.


  • In 1916, 21-year-old British soldier, Private  Frank Viner was stationed on the Western Front  


  • in France. During the Battle of the Somme, he  hunkered down in the trenches. He always kept  

    フランスでゾンメの戦いでは 塹壕に身を潜めていました彼は常に

  • his Bible in his right-hand breast pocket. But one  day he had an odd feeling and moved his Bible into  


  • his left-hand pocket. Psalm 91 came to his mind.  “A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand  

    彼の左手のポケットに詩篇91篇が頭に浮かんだ。 "千人があなたの側に倒れても 一万人があなたの側に倒れても

  • at your right hand, but you will not be harmed.” Soon afterwards, there was an enormous explosion  


  • when a shell hit the trench. Several men were  killed on impact. Frank was blown off his feet.  


  • He ended up on the ground bruised, his  uniform torn, his helmet blown off and his  


  • head ringing--but very much alive. Embedded in his  Bible was a huge piece of shrapnel. It had ripped  

    頭の中で鳴っていたが とても生きていた彼の聖書の中には 巨大な破片が埋め込まれていたそれは

  • the book from cover to cover. If Frank hadn't  been carrying his Bible and hadn't moved it to his  


  • left breast pocket, he surely would have died. Was there divine protection at work in these  

    左胸のポケットに入れていたら 死んでいたでしょうね神の保護が働いていたのでしょうか?

  • incidents? Some would say yes. But  then again, soldiers have been saved  


  • from certain death by many random items. During World War I, Optatius Buyssens  


  • served in the Belgian Army. On September  26th, 1914, he was on a scouting mission  


  • near Lebbeke, Belgium when he ran into trouble. What happened next makes for amazing family lore.  

    ベルギーのレブベケの近くで トラブルに巻き込まれたのです次に起こったことは、驚くべき家族の言い伝えになります。

  • Optatius was spotted by a German soldier. The  soldier shot him in the chest and Optatius fell  


  • to the ground. The German kicked him in the  head--possibly checking to see if Optatius was  


  • still alive. He was smart, he played dead. Laterafter the Germans had moved on, Optatius and a  


  • wounded comrade were able to crawl away to safety. But how did Optatius survive? Six coins. He had  


  • three Belgian francs and three French francs in  his breast pocket. When the German soldier fired,  


  • the bullet ricocheted off the coins, saving  Optatius' life. Ironically, it was the clink  

    弾丸がコインに跳ね返って オプタティウスの命を救った皮肉なことにそれは

  • of the coins that alerted the German soldier and  gave away Optatius' position in the first place


  • Another World World I soldier's life was saved due  to a different ordinary item. 22-year-old Corporal  


  • Walter Davis joined the 9th Battalion North  Staffordshire Regiment in 1915. Immediately he  


  • was sent to the Western Front in France and fought  German forces during the Battle of the Somme


  • One day while hunkered down in the  trenches, his platoon came under heavy fire.  


  • A bullet shot at Corporal Davis' chest was  stopped by his 2 inch [5 cm] silver pocket  


  • watch. The pocket watch, the bullet that  hit it and Corporal Davis Small book-diary  

    の時計。懐中時計と当たった銃弾とデイビス伍長 小本日記

  • issued by the British Army to service men, isunique set of keepsakes that his family treasures.


  • More recently, in 2014 Staff Sgt. Shaun  Frank was on his second tour of duty in  


  • Afghanistan when an unlikely item saved his life. One day, he was on patrol when his team stopped  

    アフガニスタンでの出来事で 彼の命が救われましたある日、彼はパトロール中に チームが立ち止まった時に

  • to help another unit whose vehicle had rolled  over. A teenage suicude bomber approached them  


  • and before anyone could do anything, detonated  a bomb filled with metal balls bearings


  • Frank received several wounds all over his body  including on his legs, arms and thumb. Just about  


  • the only area on James that wasn't hit was his  left front pocket of his pants, where he kept  


  • his iPhone 5. Several bits of shrapnel hit the  phone, including a larger piece which shattered  

    彼のiPhone 5.榴散弾のいくつかのビットは、電話をヒット, 粉々になった大きな部分を含む

  • the screen and left an exit hole in the phone's  aluminum back. Ultimately, the phone protected  

    画面を保護し、携帯電話のアルミニウム製の背面に出口の穴を残しました。最終的には, 電話は保護された

  • major arteries in Shaun's thigh from being hit. Shaun had wanted to keep the phone as a memento,  

    ショーンの太ももの大動脈を殴られた時の衝撃からショーンは 携帯電話を記念品として持っておきたかったんだ

  • but at first Apple wouldn't honor his  insurance agreement for a new phone  


  • unless he turned in the old one. Once the public  got wind of the amazing circumstances, they  


  • lobbied Apple on Shaun's behalf and he was allowed  to keep his old phone and still receive a new one


  • So it seems like maybe common objects, including  religious objects soldiers carry, are likely  


  • to be involved with amazing random occurrences  where they might save a soldier's life. However,  


  • Frank Vitner randomly switched which pocket  he carried his Bible in because of a feeling,  


  • and then was reminded of a very specific Bible  verse. Glenn Hockton swears something brushed  


  • or pushed against him, causing the rosary to slip  from his neck. He felt like his great granddad is  


  • a guardian angel, looking down and protecting  him. Who's to say when a miracle occurs?


  • And now that you've reached the end of our  video, why not keep the watch party going?!


  • Ever heard of Desmon Doss? He washeroic World War II soldier who saved  


  • soldier comrades without firing a single  shot. Check out his amazing stories here:

    一発も撃つことなく 兵士の同志を彼の驚くべき体験談をここでチェックしてください。

  • Ever wondered if that are specific  tactics soldiers use to survive  


  • when captured as a POW by enemy forcesCheck our video how to survive as a POW here:

    敵軍に捕虜として捕らえられた場合は? 捕虜として生き延びる方法を動画で紹介していますので、こちらをチェックしてみてください。

Two thousand ten. The desert is hot, dusty  and dangerous. 19 year old Glenn Hockton is  



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