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just got into Barcelona and checked into this awesome Airbnb.
This is my first place where we're staying in Barcelona for a couple of days.
Uh, historical home, I think she said 18 19 or 18.
Uh, Either way, it's historical, and it's awesome.
Look at these awesome floors, very unique.
And then sealing is very cool, too.
Okay, so here's the best part.
The terrace.
Well, this is just a bonus, really.
How awesome this neighborhood is.
I could just live here.
He's like a little cafe down there.
In that way.
Is the tourist stuff the Las Ramblas Avenue or street?
Probably wondering that name again.
See how the rest of the room there's a little closet space here already.
Like I'm back.
Something's got to get some stuff out, made a mess over here already exist again.
Impact some things and get some plugs out and charge some camera gear on my phone.
So little couch here.
I don't know if that turns into a better or not, but, um, this, I believe, is a king size bed, so it could be two people, but it's just gonna be me all in this bed on Ben.
There's like four plugs right here, outlets in there, charging a couple things right now on over here as well.
It was like a little annoying.
Sorry, Back up.
Back up Over here there is so the host of this place dd she came out.
She came to greet me and she showed me around.
It's a shared Airbnb space, so it's me.
And then there's like I think there are four other rooms and then indeedy the host with her partner that she's living with here on, there's two bathrooms in one toilet.
So she said, usually that's not a problem.
And this is like my first time.
Um, staying at an Airbnb was shared space, but I thought it was better than those.
Airbnb is where there's only one bath and you have to share.
At least here there's too, so that I would just give it a try because I really love, like the design of this place.
I love historical places.
So s so far loving it.
So this is the hallway.
Here is the kitchen way.
Share this space.
They have room temperature water for you little stove glasses.
Um, there's like little dishes in here.
Pots and pans.
You wanted to cook something small?
Also a fridge.
They upstairs provide water.
And there too, Um, if you don't want to store something in there So this is one of the bathrooms in here.
Pretty nice.
Eyes provide, like, toilet dream there for you.
Here is the bath little toilet.
I'll stop talking to penetrate thin.
This is a common space where anybody could hang out.
Kind of like a living room again.
Very cool floors.
Some paintings of top, it looks like And then this is an area where you can each they provide some tea and coffee.
Noticed this cool while over here, I think it's like messages from people that stayed here yet.
Thank you for the most wonderful stay of the art.
They chose Thio.
The biggest movie, and then out here is another kind of area where you can sit outside if you want.
If you wanna have, like, a month or breakfast Yeah, it's very e love this outside area here.
Alright, so that's pretty much it for this Airbnb that I'm staying in Barcelona.
Um, I forgot to mention that it's in the Gothic quarter, so It's pretty much close to everything.
And it's like in this historical area.
Hence the historical Airbnb that I'm staying yet, um, host has been super helpful and responsive d d It was really sweet.
Like I said, she came out to meet me and showed me around the place and gave me tips on pick puckers.
So she was like, Don't hang your phone because they could just cut that And it's like, you know, you're gonna attract attention, so you gotta hide my phone, but yeah, I'm gonna go explore Barcelona now and find some cool things to Dio.


バルセロナの中心部に泊まる完璧な歴史的Airbnb (The Perfect Historical Airbnb To Stay At in the Heart of Barcelona)

林宜悉 2020 年 10 月 18 日 に公開
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