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this hasn't happened here yet, but in America we're seeing calls to defund the police, and we're seeing officers vilified in the media, and it's gonna come to a point where you can't recruit anyone there and you might not even be able to pay them.
Now we had a spike of this over here, but it's kind of calmed down.
But, you know, like you said, what happens in America oftentimes finds its way over here in five years.
Um, is that something we need to be concerned about?
And regardless, how would you advise that states to deal with this issue?
The United States?
Um, well, of course, I think there's something like 17,000 different law enforcement agencies in the States, and that's simply too many.
You've got conflicting working practices, conflicting objectives, ideals and all of that.
You need some kind of uniformity.
Um, and you probably need better training, and you probably need to offer a better salary because with a better salary there, I say you will recruit a better caliber of officer.
Anybody who thinks that kneeling on somebody's neck for nearly nine minutes is remotely acceptable are not dangerous and potentially life threatening is a numbskull and a story.
I make no judgment on the guilt or otherwise.
I shall leave that for the courts of law to decide.
But if you do something like that, you are a numbskull.
People tragically in the police have died in custody because they have been held face down and they have asphyxiated.
You know, the overwhelming majority of cops in the UK are on red alert when they've got anybody face down.
Are they turning the head to the side?
Are they breathing?
Some people you have to detain face down because they are so violent that they will kill you if they get half a chance as exhibited tragically only a week ago when Sergeant Matt Ratner was shot and killed in a detention suite in London.
Rest in Seoul side rest in peace, Sarge, you know, it's a dangerous job.
And sometimes there is no place for niceties whatsoever.
People have to be forcibly restrained, detained, but you know, cops over a much more aware on that.
We've got 43 police forces.
I think that's too many.
You've got 17,000 law enforcement agencies.
Well, my house, my wife.
Why don't you?


米国警察の問題:なぜアメリカで制服&より良いトレーニングが必要なのか - ピーター・ブレクスリー (US POLICE ISSUES: Why There Needs To Be Uniformity & Better Training In America - Peter Bleksley)

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