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What is the secret to speaking English?
The first rule is:
1. Make mistakes! It is only after we try and fail
that we get better.
What is most important
is speaking,
writing and making mistakes.
You don't have to say
it perfectly
the first time.
The most important thing is to try.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes. So rule number 1
is make mistakes and don't worry about what other people think.
The only way I ever got better at something was by making mistakes.
Always, listen to yourself and say "Yes, you can".
And of course rule number 2 is:
2. Be patient and never give up!
Learning a language is not an elevator ride.
It's a walk up a staircase.
Every step you take,
every mistake you make,
you get better and better,
step by step.
Make the decision to be better
than you were
Take one step forward every day and decide
that you will never give up. Even if you learn
one new word today,
that is one more word you didn't know
So be patient and never give up!
And this brings me to
rule number 3.
3.Take physical action:
Nothing is going to happen by lying down waiting
and listening.
The only way to improve is to move.
For you to improve something must move.
Your mouth must move,
your hand must move,
your brain must move.
Then, and only then will you improve.
A golfer never got any better by just watching golf videos
or just listening to their instructor.
They went out on the range and hit ball
after ball after ball.
And so it is for you.
You need to speak or write word after word after word.
And just remember
can't learn anything by lying on your back
Take action! Practice Practice Practice
Which brings me to my next rule.
4. Find a good teacher
My mentor once told me.
There is no such thing
as a bad student,
only a bad teacher.
Get a great teacher that will
be there to help you,
coach you and make it fun for you.
The people that get the best results have the best coaches to motivate and push you to achieve.
So rule number 3, is
find a good teacher
that will help you every step of the way.
Don't do it by yourself.
Get a strong support system by finding a good teacher.
And that takes me to rule number 5 which is.
5. Don't learn textbook English
I've never enjoyed talking to someone
that sounded like a textbook.
How are you? I'm fine, thank you. And you? Isn't real English
but if you want to be a robot
then yes, this is the best English to learn.
But seriously
search for useful English that is used every day
for everyday people.
This way you won't waste time learning English that is never used or sound like
an old school
text book.
And that brings me to rule number 6
which is the most important rule of all
6.Use it:
Share your ideas, your notes and speak with other people.
Teach someone
a new word.
By teaching,
something amazing happens.
By teaching someone
it helps make it clearer for you.
So practice your English with other people, your friends,
or strangers.
This will make the people around you
better and at the same time it will make you better.
So remember those 6 rules.
* Make mistakes
* Be patient and never give up
* Take physical action
* Find a good teacher
* Don't learn textbook English; and Use it!
Now it's your turn!



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