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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • Alan Dye: The watch face is the most powerful

  • and personal aspect of Apple Watch.

  • Our approach to face design begins with a deep respect

  • for the history of timekeeping.

  • We combine that sense of craft

  • with the powerful technologies and capabilities of Apple Watch

  • to create these new faces.

  • The GMT face shows multiple time zones at once

  • and takes into account where you are.

  • The Count Up face lets you start tracking elapsed time

  • from any given point.

  • And inspired by classic racing watches,

  • the Chronograph Pro face features multiple time scales,

  • including a tachymeter to measure speed

  • based on time traveled over a set distance.

  • In the Typograph face, numerals can be displayed

  • in three custom typestyles and four different scripts.

  • Every combination is tailored to fit the face perfectly.

  • We also collaborated with the artist Geoff McFetridge

  • to create a unique piece of art for your watch.

  • There are millions of combinations,

  • and a different one animates when you raise your wrist.

  • The Memoji face brings your favorite Memoji

  • to your watch.

  • Each one moves and reacts to your touch.

  • And with the Stripes face,

  • you can show your pride in who you are,

  • support your favorite team,

  • or even match what you're wearing.

  • We're so proud to add to the legacy of Apple Watch faces

  • with this new collection.


動画の操作 ここで「動画」の調整と「字幕」の表示を設定することができます

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Apple Watch - すべての新しいウォッチの顔 (Apple Watch — All-New Watch Faces)

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