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- It's cool for the structure of this.
And I wanna get London back to a hundred percent attendance,
that's my goal.
All children back to school,
which is gonna help London get back to work.
This is what we need,
we need people to get comfortable with it,
we need to show leadership,
we need to show the science that backs this up,
and we need to make the parents really feel
that this is the best decision, and I know it is.
And that's the decision I made as a parent this week,
my teenage daughter also went back to school this week,
and she's loving it, you know?
She really needed that structure,
she really needed that social ability,
like I said, it's gonna be hard to get Cayden not
to go to school on Saturday,
because he loves it so much.
Again, the parent structure is back,
the teachers are working, you know,
the teachers there are so happy to be there.
You can just tell, they were like, "Wow,
"we didn't even know if we'd ever be back to school."
Everyone's bringing their A game, they're functioning,
they're getting paid now, they're gonna spend money,
they're coming back into London,
this is all part of the process.
And again, I cannot emphasise this enough,
you have to get London back to work.
Which means the workers have to come back into this city.
And I read a statistic that 42% of the income generated
in London comes from the workers of London,
not from a tourist, not from a company spending money here,
it comes from people being in the city limits
and spending their money.
And that only happens when we get these workers back.
So let's get these top 25 global banks and law firms.
Let's get 50% of the staff back by the end of the month.
Yeah, that gives you three weeks.
JP Morgan is gonna do it even sooner, why can't we do it?
There would be a massive spike in the economy here.
Next, I want to drop all tube and bus fares down to zero,
and completely put a moratorium on the congestion charge
until the end of the year.
Let's really get this economy back.
Let's see Q4 numbers that are back at least within five
or 10% of the numbers last year.
This means we're back on this recovery.
And finally, we've got to get a hundred percent
of our kids back in school.
That is the lifeblood of the family structure,
of the community structure,
it also is gonna kickstart our GDP in a massive way.
So those are my thoughts, I would love to get your thoughts.
And again, I don't claim to know the solutions,
I'm not a politician,
but I am an informed, intelligent adult,
and I'm tired of people telling me things,
and trying to run my city in a way that's irresponsible,
it's ill-informed,
and quite frankly, it's doing massive damage.
Not only to people's economic health,
to their mental health, to our children's health.
And I'm just not gonna put up with it anymore.
So I wanna have these conversations,
I'm really looking for ideas,
I'm looking to collaborate with the right individuals
and bring in the experts that can find these solutions,
and I wanna present these ideas to all of you out there
and get your feedback as well, and let's send our leaders
these messages of what needs to change.
This is so important.
So again, leave your comments below and tell me,
what is your city doing?
Maybe you have an idea that you're doing it better
in your city, and we can learn from you.
What are you struggling with, as an entrepreneur?
As a business owner?
What are you struggling with in transport?
What are you struggling with as parent?
I wanna have these conversations with you.
And I'm gonna be having more of these conversations
over the next four weeks.
I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna speak to community leaders,
I'm gonna speak with more business owners.
From the black cab drivers, to the shop owners,
to even companies in the city,
where I used to work at,
the JP Morgans and the Goldman Sachs
and the NatWest of the world.
I wanna speak with our tourism chiefs.
I wanna speak with our health workers.
I wanna speak with our first responders
and the fire department and the police department.
I wanna speak with any group out there,
that can help me find the solution
that wants to show leadership.
Again, I can't emphasise this enough,
we need to be led by example.
We need people on the frontline showing us what to do,
not telling us what to do.
And again, not blaming people.
I don't have a lot of time
for victims here at "London Real",
I don't in the academy, and I don't for our politicians.
I don't need another politics complaining
about why they can't take action.
I need them to take action, show some leadership,
and show us the way.
And look, I love London.
I'm gonna be here for a long time.
I love it so much,
I named my show "London Real" after London,
and it's time to have these conversations,
and I honestly think that if we pool our resources,
and again, find some science-based, fact-driven ways
to determine policies, we can bounce out of this recession.
We can bounce out of this pandemic.
We can find real solutions and be a global leader
in what we were doing.
I honestly believe that if we put our heads to this
for the next six months,
we could be leading and showing places like Los Angeles
and Tokyo and New York City and Hong Kong
and Singapore and Paris and Frankfurt,
we could be leading the way,
when it comes to how we can run our cities,
and how we can run our economies,
and how we can run our healthcare.
And that's what I'm looking to do.
So I'm super excited.
Again, if you want to come to me and have a conversation,
email me at [email protected],
and tell me, what's the concern you're having?
What is the challenge you're having out there?
Because I wanna hear from you, and I wanna speak from you.
If you want me to come talk to you
or you wanna come into the studio and talk to me,
I'd love to hear from you as well.
So thank you for your thoughts, I really appreciate that.
Leave me your comments below,
and let me know what your challenges are,
I wanna talk about new things every week,
and hopefully, the people in power are listening,
and they can take some nuggets here.
Again, this is not about ego.
You know, it doesn't have to be your idea or my idea,
I just want the best idea,
because I want the best solution for the people.
I'm a parent in this city.
I'm a business owner in this city.
You know, I have friends and family in this city.
I invested into the people's good of London,
and I wanna see us win.
You know, we're the best city in the world,
let's start acting like it, is what we want,
and let's make London great again.
So on that note, just thanking you all so much,
I appreciate you on "Real Deal", we'll be back next week.


BRIAN ROSE'S PLAN TO MAKE LONDON MAKE GREAT AGAIN: How To Get London Back To Work & School|リアルディール (BRIAN ROSE'S PLAN TO MAKE LONDON GREAT AGAIN: How To Get London Back To Work & School | Real Deal)

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