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I mean, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
When you hear that name, especially in association with bodybuilding, what do you think about?
Because he obviously was doing this back in the seventies.
And also, how would Dorian do if he was, you know, in his prime today, with all the information and the nutrition in the science, would it have been a different ball game for him?
Oh, it's been totally different because, you know, every year, you know, I think the yeah, technology gets better.
You know, there's always something new stuff out there that guy's doing.
They find it out, you know?
So, uh, uh, Arnold what he had couldn't competed with during what he had, Of course.
And you could say everybody every area just about though.
But with Arnold, you saw the genetics that he had that could have just he could have been a different body builder with different training, diet, all that stuff he could have competed with.
You could have competed with you.
It could have competed with just about anybody if either had, you know, the technology that we had mhm anybody, any era, you know.
So, like I say, area was different, you know, you know, they got stuff Now that, you know, I didn't have back when I was competing.
And what about Arnold?
His legacy When you think about him and what he brought to the sport, What comes to your mind?
How would you explain that to your grandkids?
Hey, was the first guy you know when that many in a row and hold the title for so as long toe dead?
Just add Thio.
It is level of greatness, you know.
They did, you know, just tells you right there they use one of the greatest ever do it belongs.
You are able Thio, maintain, uh, uh, high level of competition and compete on the high level for, ah, long time that just establish you as one of the greatest and that, you know, that's pretty much where Well, I see it.
Him as being one of the greatest bodybuilders never stepped on the stage.


アーノルド・シュワルツェネッガーについてのロニー・コレマン「彼はステージに立つ偉大なボディビルダーの一人だった」。 (RONNIE COLEMAN ON ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: "He Was One Of The Greatest Bodybuilders To Step On Stage")

46 タグ追加 保存
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