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  • - [Narrator] It's your worst nightmare,

  • your mid commute and it hits you.

  • You've put your phone or wallet down somewhere

  • and lost it.

  • But then you remember you're

  • in Tokyo and you relax

  • because Tokyo's lost and found is one

  • of the best in the world.

  • (upbeat music)

  • So what makes Japan's lost and found system so successful?

  • First, reporting a missing item is easy.

  • Police can be found in small stations called Koban,

  • which are located around the city.

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - [Narrator] Once a report is filed,

  • the items are held at the police box for two weeks.

  • If they are not collected,

  • the items are taken to the lost and found center

  • in Bunkyo Ward,

  • a six story facility which hosts over 900,000 items.

  • (bright music)

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - [Narrator] Cell phones,

  • ID cards and even wallets full of cash,

  • all have a high success rate of being returned.

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - [Narrator] Not so lucky are

  • the umbrellas of Tokyo.

  • (slow classical music)

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - [Narrator] But as one

  • of the most commonly misplaced and inexpensive items,

  • it could be worse.

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - [Narrator] Yeah, that's worse.

  • (upbeat classical music)

  • (upbeat music)

  • Although the infrastructure is in place

  • to make an efficient return system,

  • none of this would be possible

  • without the people of Tokyo.

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - [Narrator] So if you're going to misplace something,

  • make sure you do it in Tokyo.

  • (bright upbeat music)

- [Narrator] It's your worst nightmare,


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B1 中級 日本語

東京の大量遺失物の仕組み (How Tokyo’s Massive Lost & Found Works)

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