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  • today we're here at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena which, for the weekend

  • has been turned into a massive community health clinic by an organization called

  • Care Harbor LA

  • Care Harbor LA is a non-profit organization that helps uninsured and

  • underserved populations

  • working with local community resources, they host free clinics providing

  • comprehensive medical,

  • dental, and vision care to families were without access to the health care they need

  • clinics are staffed by medical professionals who volunteer

  • like the students and faculty who are here from American Career College

  • this annual four-day event provides care, services, and supplies that total more

  • than two million dollars

  • more than 100 students and faculty from American Career College are representing

  • the dental assistant,

  • medical assistant, and optical programs

  • came out today to help the community, help uhh, I thought it was a good idea for us to

  • uhh, to get involved in the community, plus it up also

  • gave me a chance to get more experience at..

  • in the field and I'm liking it so far

  • this is our glaucoma table where we're testing for glaucoma

  • they're checking lensometry with the glasses

  • uhh reading prescriptions and we have frames

  • we have visual acuity where people are getting their eyes examined so we have a different variety

  • of things that we're provide for the uhh community today

  • feels wonderful to give back

  • uhh you know, the end of all education is service

  • so I feel wonderful about being here today

  • volunteering at the Care Harbor event is a wonderful experience for students

  • who can also benefit from being here

  • all sorts of good experience and maybe to uhh

  • you know, meet a doctor and if they like you might have a chance to do your externship

  • at their office

  • so there's a little bit of networking here today too?

  • yeah of course! networking all the time yes!

  • are you going to be here all weekend?

  • I sure hope so

  • event organizers say that through the weekend they expect to serve more than

  • 4,000 people from the community

  • for more information visit Care Harbor dot ORG

today we're here at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena which, for the weekend


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ACCの学生がケアハーバーLAのイベントでボランティアをしました (ACC Students Volunteer at Care Harbor LA Event)

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