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And what's a day in the life of Dan Crenshaw as a congressman?
What would be what would surprise us off what you need to do in 24 hours there?
Because it seems like a lot.
And it seems like a lot of things that maybe aren't in the job description that you might learn when you get there.
What, you know, What is it like there, Um, on a given day in Washington?
Birds is a given day, and Houston is very different things.
Everything's been a little strange lately, cause everything's like this over zoom eso.
Normally it's going from event a little Saint Houston.
It's going from event to event from this, you know, maybe this group or association is hosting a lunch.
You go do that.
It's all about just interacting with people.
Very little of a member of Congress is work is in an office at their computer, going through emails.
That's just not what we dio.
Um, you know, we do the things that that only we can do, which is that the interaction with with constituents, maybe constituent meetings, maybe town hall type of events.
You know, I like to do all sorts of different things.
I like to do.
Youth events like to go to high school, speak to kids.
It's a lot of that now.
None of that has happened in the last few months, but informally, that's what would happen in Washington.
Um, you have a series of votes every day, so it kind of moving back and forth between your office in the capital.
You know, before we start recording this at some votes and after we're done recording it all of some votes in a few hours.
In the meantime, we work on whatever we want to work on.
Maybe it's maybe it's legislative in nature.
And, um, maybe it's communications for May.
I obviously put a ton of effort into communications, and, uh, because I think that is, I think that is a bigger part of our job than a lot of members would would say It is, Um, I think they're wrong.
I think everybody should be working on communication may be the most.
That's why I do a podcast to do.
We're always looking at what's gonna be on instagram and is the content we're putting out compelling.
You know, it's again.
You have to look at this like you're trying to market information, and so we do put a lot of effort.
That's why do so many of these videos and why we try to fight the battles along cultural lines and and and find people where they're at on social media.
And not everybody is on every platform again.
Maybe too many representatives think they could just put out a statement and, well, I said it statements out that doesn't work like that.
You've got to get it in front of people and, um, and again find them where they're at and make that content and information compelling.
So obviously, we put a lot of effort into that way.



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