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um, is Trump gonna be reelected?
And what do you think he needs to focus on over the next four months?
Um, you don't know.
Don't know.
It's gonna be a very tight election again.
It's It's easy to blame the person in charge when when you feel like your country's in crisis, even if it's, I believe largely the left has created these narratives of crisis.
But especially with respect to cancel culture and the, you know, we're like 6 to 7 weeks of violence and places like Portland and Seattle, New York crime rates skyrocketing.
Um, somehow the people in charge of these places don't get blamed, and people sort of look to the president as as the cause of it all.
This is a highly irrational reaction, but it's the reaction nonetheless, Um, you know that in to a large extent that the President will be blamed for Corona virus again.
Is that rational?
Um no, that the evidence is scant, but But when the media goes up and says over and over and over again, the administration botched this.
They never say why they never stay like again.
We were anyone over this If you're gonna properly criticize somebody, you have to explain some things, you know.
Hey, they did this.
They should have done that like that.
That's a reasonable critique.
Um, and given what they knew at the time, they should have done this instead of that.
That's a that's an important you're being objective.
But people start to feel it cause they hear it over and over and over and over again.
And so it just becomes truth.
And so this is this is why he's having a hard time.
You know, people don't like his tweeting.
People don't like these.
Ah, outbursts that he has that really, really hurts him.
Um, so, you know, does he still have a chance?
Yes, because suburban voters, which is you know, what we lost in 2018 suburban voters are center right voters.
They pull them.
We talked to them.
They, uh they're on our side on all of these issues.
Um, and but we have not done a great job linking the opposite policy measures to the Democratic Party for some reason.
And people just for some reason don't believe it, because a number of reasons, I suppose, But there's still a good chance because I think Trump is is far more trusted with the economy.
Republicans in general are far more trusted with economic prosperity, and that's gonna be high on people's lists since now, now that we're moving out of out of re average out of a recession way.


DONALD TRUMP VS JOE BIDEN: トランプ氏が大統領として再選されるかどうかについてのダン・クレンショウ議員。

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