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  • I really hate it when people come to me and they say they need to make a certain amount of money.

  • Otherwise they just can't afford to live here like I made it work.

  • You don't need to live in a tower.

  • You know you can live in a shitty, terrible apartment.

  • Have six roommates, pay 400 bucks a month, deal with the rats and cockroaches, eat Rahman E tofu.

  • If you want it bad enough, you will figure it out.

  • So anyone and people tell me all the time, especially younger agents.

  • Millennials and Gen Z's who just drive me crazy were like, Well, yeah, but I can't afford to live there.

  • It's just too expensive, like too expensive for your taste, for the way you want to live, the way you want to show yourself off on Instagram were or what is it?

  • And they can never answer the question like, Oh, well, it's not safe for my God, I did it, you know, if you want it bad enough, you will make it happen.

  • Do people find it hard to picture you scraping by?

  • You know, going to Koreatown, you know, because you know, they see your lavish lifestyle.

  • It's hard to picture you, you know, in a place of rats.

  • Yeah, I don't know.

  • I guess so.

  • I think so.

  • That's why in the book, you know, I talked about it a lot at the beginning because I wanted to kind of, like, break down that barrier of what people assume of me when they see me on TV and and the blog's and all that stuff that, like, this wasn't, you know, I figured it out from the ground up.

  • I'm still trying to figure it out today, and I still go up against real estate agents that are born here that have amazing connections that I don't have, and I lose deals to them all the time.

  • You know, it just fuels the fire for me toe from or you mentioned Millennials and Gen X.

  • You're kind of Gen X right?

  • I'm a millennial for just like it off the millennials.

  • Did they get a bad rap?

  • Or is it?

  • You know, I think there's there's an apathy to younger generations where they just don't care or they care about things that they shouldn't care about.

  • You know, um and I think that there is a lack of hard work because they didn't have the baby boomer parents and the generations before them who literally had to, like, so shoes to make a living.

  • You know, like our, Like my kids.

  • I'm not gonna have those stories.

  • Like, I got my story, but they're not gonna grow up in that lifestyle, you know, like people have it.

  • So it is what it is.

  • I mean, people have so many different ways of making money now and raising families that, like, all those old school stories of walking five miles to get the bus and to do that are gone.

  • You know our stories.

  • Now we're gonna be like I had to wait 10 minutes for my uber.

  • You don't know what it was like back in the day.

  • Is that really gonna motivate the next generations toe, work their ass off?

  • I don't know.

  • Yeah, worry about that too.

  • Was your dad a big part of teaching you the value of money and hard work?

  • That must have come from somewhere?

  • Yeah, I think him at the beginning of the book, I resented a lot of the way that he raised me when I was growing up because it sucked.

  • Um, you know, it was all a discipline and structure, right?

  • It was the power of, like, the minute the hour and the power of the dollar to write an essay wants on the importance of not being lazy because they didn't hang up my jacket the right way.

  • Like, you know, he, um really, really cracked a whip.

  • And I am incredibly grateful for it now now, But at the time it sucked.

  • I didn't I wasn't out to play video games that wasn't allowed toe I curfews when my pants my friends didn't have curfews like we had every single night at dinner, I to sit down and walk my dad through my day And what I learned what I'm gonna do better the next day, Like since I was eight right Sundays.

  • I always when I went to college, I to call him and walking through what I learned from the week and I was gonna do the next week to the point where I still do it today because it's weird not to do it.

  • And I do think it helps May toe like, think about my business is a whole movement that way.

  • And like, so now I probably annoy my dad.

  • Calling him all the time is like, you know, I already raised you.

  • You go off and leave me alone.

  • But it's, um Where is helpful.

  • But I do.

  • Yeah, for sure.

  • I credit him a lot.

  • So your structure and discipline came from somewhere.

  • I mean, a lot of what you discovered, but a lot of it was put in by him.

  • Yeah, when I first moved here and I first lived in Koreatown and I had, um I had two roommates, one to bear, both paralegals.

  • On day, we're gonna have group Bruegel hours.

  • And then they were gonna go to law school.

  • And I was like, the actor, you know, I had no job and no prospects.

  • It was Just wake up and go see if I can audition somewhere.

  • And he told me It's like, Listen, if you want to make this work for yourself, you have to wake up before they do and go to bed after they dio right?

  • Use them as guidance for how our dish work.

  • No day Should you sleep until 10.

  • And I think he was nervous because if I didn't have structure, I'm living in New York City.

  • No, boss.

  • No clock to punch in and punch out.

  • What am I going to do?

  • And so it freaked me out as I did have a clock, like of only so much money to live here.

  • Unless I figure out a way to make money, I got have to leave.

I really hate it when people come to me and they say they need to make a certain amount of money.


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