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If you look at Europe and even England versus the States is just, it's almost just completely two different reactions.
And in America, all I see, I try not to go to The New York Times, but I do the front page.
It's all the test cases, the cases you're testing, positive testing positive.
We know these tests have false positives and false negatives, and but you know where the deaths?
I mean, even Trump came out and said the median age was 78 on the desk, the median age of his press conference.
And you know, all the core morbidity is, but it's like nobody wants to have that conversation.
Um, it's all.
And then it becomes political and the fact there's four months till the election.
It seems like the Democrats are happy to thrash the economy, which is cutting the nose off despite the face and then use this political weapon and then use the fear of racism.
Maybe it was a last ditch effort, and the collateral damage is brutal.
It's just brutal.
It's it's horrific, and I mean, that's it's so dangerous inside to watch that happen.
Um, you know, Andi, it's just I mean?
Candace said, You know, come November the fourth, this whole debate will be over, you know?
And that's just so true because, you know, if Joe Biden wins the election Oh, it was a Corona virus that we finished with that months ago.
I don't know why anyone still cares, you know, it will be.
It will be a new narrative.
November the fourth.
If Trump wins, it will be locked down to lock down seven by that point.
You know, coming.
Coming to a coming to a neighborhood near you before too long.
It's just the whole debate is now ridiculous on.
So as a result, just so tired of this whole kind of really, really argument of bs, which is being put forward by everyone in this In this, in this environment, it's just like we need to get America back to work.
We need to get the world back to work, you know, can't We can't just continue Adam for an item because we're all afraid of of catching, you know, a disease with a mortality rate of less in the flu in many in many areas.
Um, on in Britain, thankfully, that seems to have been the relatively sensible policy which has been put in place, You know that Britain's now starting to get back to work for answers.
Back to work.
Italy is getting back to work, you know, every one of the worst places effects getting back to work.
China obviously has been back to work.
Okay, there are restrictions did in place, understandably.
But that's the Let's get back to work.
Just this disease is with us until the end of time.
Now, you know, we will never now be free of career in a virus called through this strand of growing of our script.
Kobe 19 star as a result, you know, unless you want to shut down the whole world, make us all live in a plastic bubble with padded cell for the rest of our lives than you know why we're doing this.
This is an absurdity way.


TRASHING THE ECONOMY: Why Democrats Are Happy To Ruin America Before The Election | George Farmer

林宜悉 2020 年 8 月 7 日 に公開
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