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♪ There's love in the dark ♪
♪ Ooh, I'll be there ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, I'll be there ♪
Yeah it was a two-day shoot, there was a lot involved.
There was about three fake pools that we made.
So this is one of them.
And the fake pool was a foot in depth;
I wouldn't float in it, I was actually on the floor
but because it was such a short pool
and so massive, it looked as if I was floating.
The other ones where I'm halfway in
and my butt's in the water, that's what we did in studio.
And we just faked this big black pool,
and just stitched it in.
But here, this is actually by the mountains.
And me holding back shivers.
You can see it in my nipples: it's cold as hell.
♪ To the sky we all have to fly back home ♪
♪ Back home ♪
This is the power of God.
Fighting through me trying to get air.
That's why you see so much leg;
because I was like "The only way I can do this alive,
"is if I flip this dress back."
So that when I'm swimming,
I'd rather my arms get tangled than my legs,
'cause my legs are my motor.
But this was so scary.
And we've done a lot.
We've done me locked in a tank,
we've done me burned at the stake,
we've worked with fire; we've worked with so many things,
and that was the most terrifying.
Because when I was in that tank,
and I had that massive gown,
the aid, the person that was helping me,
had to swim to the side in order for us to get that shot
so he'd get me in the middle and then swim.
But it was fishnet, so when I sank,
and the first time, I tried to swim up,
that wraps around your legs, so you can't swim.
And then we had to add weights to the dress,
so that it wouldn't flail about.
It was nuts, it was intense.
♪ Leave you alone ♪
♪ Cause when the stars are falling down ♪
So these fake ass lashes are so difficult to wear.
Oh my God.
(beep) fake lashes, man.
Those things are so uncomfortable.
Shooting underwater with them was a joke.
I'm never wearing fake lashes again.
This video made me say that.
And it's nuts cause it's not like I'm a virgin to it,
I used to dance when I was a kid.
I used to cheer lead.
And when you cheer lead you (puffs air through lips) it up.
I'm used to that.
But I guess I've gotten spoiled
in just being myself
and not having to mount all that stuff on.
But I wanted to level it up a little bit for this video,
because I feel like the song and the video and the essence
is so Heavenly and so ethereal and so majestic
and so close to God and so elevated, that I wanted to do it.
Two hours after this was shot I regretted that decision.
♪ Ooh, I'll be there ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, I'll be there ♪
We had maybe 10 days prep for this music video,
which is nuts, for everything that we did.
For this music video,
there's times where I have the song
and the music video comes to me right away
and I send a synopsis of what it is that I'm looking for,
and then we build it out.
But, I wanted it to be earthy,
because when I'm in nature's when I feel the closest to God.
To me, God is love, so it all goes in one.
However, I didn't wanna explain that to any directors,
because I didn't wanna taint their vision.
And Se Oh, wicked director, is one of the few directors
that actually came back and was on the same frequency.
He saw stars, he saw earthy, he saw that.
And I loved it.
And his idea of applying
this purple undertone to the whole thing;
I just think that was brilliant.
I feel like it really ties everything together.
♪ Our lives are running out ♪
♪ And your heartbeat has taken the draw ♪
There are fish that come in later that are, actually,
fish that are native to a specific river in Colombia,
so it's paying homage to my heritage.
And also, the stars in the water, when they're falling;
There was multiple takes that we did,
which is more of a funny secret,
because I remember the first time that
they sent us one of the VFX versions,
I shit you not, it just looked like sperm.
Like just a million sperm were just falling into the water.
And then I hit them back
and I told my guys what it looked like,
and they're trying to articulate it to the VFX team.
And they're like, "They're just shooting too quick.
"It's kind of like tadpoles."
And the creators and the VFX, they're like,
"We don't get it,
"we don't get what it is that you want us to change."
And they're like,
"Yeah, they just needa move in more of a sporadic fashion."
VFX guys are like, "we don't get it."
And then finally the guys are like,
"Jessie said it looks like sperm, so we gotta change it!"
And so then they changed it for me.
♪ I'll be there to pull you back up ♪
♪ I'll be around you ♪
♪ I'm nothing without you ♪
We can pause it.
It's rare that I have a song that's a positive love song.
It's almost like the little bit of influence
that Bob had on me comes out here.
He's one of my biggest musical inspirations,
he's one of the people that I look up to the most.
Partly because he had such ease with being able to transmit
such good, positive waves in music.
So I feel like I'm happy that
I was able to do that with one song.
I think two songs, maybe, because I feel like
"Great One" has that positivity as well.
I hope that what people take away from this is the oneness.
Almost faith.
That we come from something bigger than us,
and we're all gonna go there eventually.
We don't have the answers for much,
as human beings, regarding afterlife,
regarding metaphysical, regarding all that,
so, we're in this unknown together,
and there's beauty in that.
♪ When the stars are falling down ♪
♪ There's love in the dark ♪


Jessie Reyez's "Love In The Dark" Music Video Breakdown | Playback | Harper's BAZAAR

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