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um, say we have to 20 year olds listening to us, and one is nodding their head and everything you say.
And they're like, I totally agree with Dan, and one of them, for some reason, is still listening to us, who completely disagrees with you is all the way on the left.
I'm wondering, what would you tell each separate person as faras What they should or could do, you know, for the rest of the year, maybe for their country, maybe both of them, if you asked him.
Said you care about your country.
They Yeah, I do love it.
And what would you say?
The one versus the other?
Maybe we'll take first of all, the conservative person.
What would you say is important for that person to do if they want toe, you know, make sure their country goes down the right path or make sure they get these ideas out to the right people on both sides.
Like, what would you say they need to dio as opposed to what they shouldn't do?
Yeah, what I tell conservatives, maybe the activist, I The thing is, um, we're going to be effective.
And if we're gonna call what we're doing fighting.
Then you need to look at winning as the ultimate goal.
And then you have to define what winning is.
Winning means actually persuading people in growing our, you know, our stead of, I guess, growing the consumer base for our principles.
You know, I don't think growing the ideology, cause I don't I think we have more.
I think the left has the more I think about this that the left has sort of a belief system.
We have a set of principles with which we solve problems, and that's very important.
Um, and it's also why I think the left is is inadequate to govern because they have goals.
But those goals aren't grounded in any philosophy, their ever changing, Um, and there's no limiting principles to their to the way they govern, and that results in chaos and instability.
And so I guess what I would tell the person on the right is is when you're sharing things, share the things that you share it for a liberal audience, right share this year, the video or piece of content that would actually directly confront what they're saying, you know, I get snarky names or more fun, and sometimes they are.
But share the informative stuff.
Debunk directly.
You know, here's the piece of data that directly refutes what you're saying.
Take the time to do that.
That's how we win, because that person might not be persuaded at that moment.
But But it's staying with them.
They know they know that they know that there's there's another alternate truth out there that they can't help.
They can't unknown.
Oh, that.
Maybe it Maybe it Maybe it works just a little bit.
Um, you know, to the person on the left, what can you do for your country?
And if you've actually bothered to listen to this whole thing, that probably means you're you know, you're an open minded liberal, um, as opposed to a leftist, um and so and so I guess I would I would definitely encourage on the reading that book.
I think my book is highly readable for liberals because it's so light on politics.
Um, but, you know, understand where we're coming from and how important it is for t Keep a sensible conservative movement because we do stand for stability.
Um, it's an order, and these are pretty important things, and it should be pretty obvious to everybody by now that but the chaos and disorder that the left stands for and fundamentally stands for, and that's OK again, Chaos versus order Argument is always okay.
It just has to be healthy.
Um, you know, the left always wants to change things, and the right says, keep them the same.
Well, neither can be perfectly good, right?
The balance is welcome, but I think that I think we're in an imbalance right now.
And I think if you're truly an open minded liberal than conservatives are much better ally to you then, um and you know and work with us on the goals that you might have because it turns out we have a lot of the same goals.
We just have much different solutions for those goals and our solutions.
I think you're superior because they are based in old principles.
But again, we have a framework for problem solving that the left simply does not.
The left always defaults to the to the first order problem solving.
We want people to get paid more fine.
Just raise the minimum wage.
You know we want less inequality.
Okay, just punish the rich, you know, just And then and then, Yeah.
On paper, I guess they'll be less.
Inequality doesn't actually solve any problems.
And there's a lot of 2nd 3rd or consequences.
So, you know, the point being is we might have more goals shared than you might realize.
And maybe, uh, listen to us more.
Read some more.
National Review.
Read Sameh, I think tank literature.
Watch my videos.
Um, the left is moat more often than not.
Not telling you the truth way.



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