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  • a man is dragged into a prison cell, kicking and screaming, but it's too late for the officers on watch to do anything.


  • The door to the cell is barricaded from the inside, and all those officers can do is plead to the man's captor while the hearing Howell in pain for hours.


  • This goes on until, at some point the victims dead body is held up to the window of the cell cell, doors opened and to the guards, out of disbelief, a spoon is stuck into the victim's exposed brain.


  • His head looks not dissimilar from a cracked boiled egg.


  • That's just one of the reasons why the protagonist of this story, one Robert Motility, is dubbed Britain's most violent prisoner, a k a.


  • The rial life, Hannibal the Cannibal or, to others, the brain eater.


  • Born on the 26th of June 1953 Robert mostly did not get what you might call a good start in life.


  • He might one day be nicknamed spoons, but he certainly wasn't born with anything close to a silver spoon in his mouth.


  • Quite the opposite.


  • In fact, when he was just six years old, he and his siblings were taken into care when the UK Social Services discovered that all the Children had suffered neglect at the hands of their parents.


  • He was one of 12 Children in that working class family, but it was his brothers, Paul and Kevin, and his sister, Brenda, who would share the same care home.


  • That was a place called Nazareth House, but Catholic Orphanage in Liverpool, England.


  • Care homes sometimes don't always have a good reputation in the UK, especially ones from back in those days.


  • But it was there that the highly intelligent Robert would have a good relationship with the nuns he loved and trusted, and the siblings who lived within their then, after eight years living in the care home disaster struck the parents.


  • A couple already accused of being unworthy to bring up Children took the kids back.


  • What was passive neglect in the past would now become active torture.


  • Their home became a house of horrors.


  • The kids were beaten daily, but the extremely violent father, the perpetrator of most of those beatings, like more than anything to take his rage out on young Robert.


  • You looked upon this one child with a special kind of hatred.


  • After all, it was Robert that tried to stick up for his other siblings.


  • At one point during his preteen years, Robert was locked in a room for six months.


  • The door opened when he was given scraps of food and glasses of water.


  • If it wasn't feeding time, there was only one other reason why that door was unlocked.

    餌の時間じゃないなら ドアの鍵が開いてなかった理由は 他にもあるわ

  • Speaking to a psychologist from possibly the world's most secure prison cell, Robert would later recall that can always still remember now when he turned that Locke when he came in, he'd have a poker or a piece of wood in his hand or even a rifle, And I could remember he busted that rifle off my back.

    世界で最も安全な刑務所の独房にいた 心理学者と話すと ロバートは後になって思い出すだろう 彼がロックを変えて入ってきた時 彼はポーカーや木片を持っていた ライフルを持っていた

  • And when he beat me, he closed the door, and here the key turn, he'd walk away laughing.


  • Such was the depravity that Robert experienced a boy that would become known as a Mr mostly the serial killer.


  • It was after these Siris of beatings that his mother and father sent him back to social services, and from there Robert lived in various foster homes.


  • The father told his brothers and sisters that Robert had died, and that was that They wouldn't see him again and there would be no funeral.


  • The other kids were too young, too afraid to question what had happened to their brother.


  • When Robert became a teenager, he left Liverpool.


  • But the scars from his past would prove to be the locus of his future direction.


  • He got the bus down to London, hoping that there was something new and exciting waiting for him.


  • But in the big city, all he found was more pain.


  • The young man couldn't escape the abominations of his past.


  • He didn't exactly thrive on the streets of London and spent two years on and off staying in the city psychiatric hospitals.


  • After attempting to take his own life, he became in mashed in hard drugs and to feed his addiction, he offered sexual services to men he met in the city's pubs and clubs while working as a male prostitute.


  • In 1973 he met a man named John Farrell.


  • This is when Roberts, now just 21 years old, killed his first person.


  • In what might be considered shameless and vile gloating, Ferrell showed mostly disturbing images of Children he had sexually abused.


  • This resonated with mostly, he was incensed and he snapped.


  • He was looking at the images of Children that had shared a similar fate to his own.


  • He lured Farrell into a public toilet and with a garage he'd fashion from a necktie.


  • He strangled the abuser to death.


  • This was a very personal kind of crime, mostly watched fixedly as the life force trained from his victim.


  • He took pleasure from it.


  • It was revenge for his own childhood suffering and for the suffering of the boys in the photos.


  • The excitement, the pleasure that mostly derived from this violent act would be felt again when he got up close to other people.


  • He considered beasts of the earth, mostly undoubtedly unhinged and dangerous.


  • Himself had no scruples about murdering men.

    彼自身は 人を殺すことに何の罪悪感も持っていなかった

  • He viewed as animals following the strangulation, mostly didn't even attempt to hide the crime or run away.


  • He was soon picked up by police, who gave him the nickname Blue due to the color of the man's face we had killed.


  • For mostly, he had done the world a favor.


  • He rid the streets of a man who made innocent Children suffer.


  • He'd become a vigilante, deranged rebel with a cause and if you asked him about his actions, he tell you he done the righteous thing in his own mind.


  • He'd killed his own father, or at least someone that represented the reprehensible things his father had done.


  • Mostly was handed an indeterminate life sentence and later sent abroad more a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.


  • There he was, locked up among some people he detested the most men who abused Children for some years mostly didn't strike out.


  • But then in 1977 when he was 24 years old, he and an accomplice grabbed a convicted pedophile named David Francis and rushed him into a cell.


  • What followed was a nine hour attack in which the victim was mercilessly beaten and tortured.


  • After the nine hours when the prison officers finally managed to get through the door, Francis was dead.


  • A spoon had been stuck in his ear and had penetrated his brain.


  • Multiple injuries show that he'd sustained a gradual but extreme attack.


  • According to one prison guard, the victim's head had been cracked open like a boiled egg, and bits of the dead man's brain were missing again, mostly was convinced he had done the moral thing, and he'd only taken out another evil person.


  • For this reason, the authorities said, the crime was premeditated and so mostly was, in fact, not insane.


  • He was moved toe Wakefield Prison at the time a hell hold, nicknamed Monster Mansion and well known as a place feared by criminals.


  • Because Mosley had hated being moved as a child back to his parents house, he resented being moved to a prison.


  • Yet again, many people who inhabited that prison, where the kind of men that made Children suffer in the worst ways imaginable but mostly saw all around where his nemesis ease men who needed to be removed from the planet.


  • He believed he had every right to do what he did in a letter many years into his imprisonment, mostly wrote, I can say that Guess I have been raped.


  • And yes, I have been sexually abused by such people, and consequently I do to test these people enough to have killed them in the past.


  • So we have their circumstances from my childhood and adolescence.


  • In July 1978 holding around a year after the spoon incident mostly made a plan that was to kill seven child abusers in the space of one day since he's been in Wakefield prison, he'd taken his time to know who was who, and over a few months he picked out certain people and put them on his kill list.


  • On the day he planned his murder spree, he invited a man named Saulny.

    殺人事件を計画した日、彼は ソールニーという男を招待した。

  • Dar would to his cell for a check.


  • Dar would was serving time for killing his wife no sooner than he entered.


  • Mostly cell.


  • He was stabbed several times with a homemade knife commonly known as a shiv or a shank in the USA.


  • This time, he hadn't actually killed a child abuser, but in most leas mind, he killed the person he believed was scum of the earth.


  • He thought he'd done the moral thing.


  • Criminologists sometimes call this kind of killer the missionary type because they perceive their killing mission as justice being served.


  • While mission serial killers are arguably maniacal, it's not common in prison for men to justify the murder of a child or a woman abuser.


  • As a righteous act, the act is supposedly mitigated by the offense the victim was convicted of.


  • Montali wouldn't stop until in his own mind he had cleaned up the prison.


  • He pushed the now dead Dar would under the bottom book in the cell and started calling out more names, asking people if they wanted to come for a chat.


  • No one accepted the invite, so with knife in hand mostly went on the prowl.


  • One prisoner would later recall that he could see murder in Moseley's eyes.


  • The toughest men in the prison feared for their lives while walking along the landing.


  • He soon arrived at another sell, this time occupied by a child abuser named William Roberts.


  • Within minutes, Roberts was dead.


  • His head had been smashed against a wall several times, and this skull had been hacked at with the shift.


  • Mostly then calmly walked up to the prison officers and said to them, There will be two less people for roll call this evening.


  • So in 1978 Mr Mosley, no longer a man the prison staff wanted roaming their landings or exercising in the yard ended up in solitary confinement.


  • To say he would stay there a while would be an understatement, because he's still there now and is Britain's longest serving prisoner.


  • But that story doesn't stop there because at the time, few people have ever heard of Robert Moseley.


  • At least the general public had no idea who he waas In the years to come, though, he'd become a household name.


  • In 1982 the BBC went toe Wakefield Prison to make a documentary about solitary confinement, and they found a man confined to a cell, a man known as a bomb that the authorities couldn't disarm.


  • They discovered someone who had been labeled as a kind of penitential enemy number one, and indeed, the prisons most dangerous prisoner.


  • Moseley's name was soon all over the British tabloid press, with some of the more spurious story saying that this crazed man had eaten the brains of a fellow prisoner.


  • While that wasn't true, and it's known by most people in the UK that the tabloids often don't let the facts get in the way of a good tale, the prison now felt that had to make an example of.

    それは真実ではなかったし、それはタブロイド紙はしばしば事実が良い物語の方法で取得させないことが英国のほとんどの人々 によって知られているが、刑務所は今、例を作る必要があったと感じた。

  • Mostly it's answer to solving.


  • The problem of mostly infamy was to do something quite drastic.


  • That was to create a kind of cell that had never been seen in the UK before and perhaps has never been seen anywhere else in the world.


  • It was a place the authorities believes mostly could cause no more harm.


  • In 1983 they built a maximum security special unit within a maximum security prison, not in the actual prison but in the basement of the prison.


  • Moseley's new cell was a reinforced bulletproof plexiglass cage, a cage where he was under watch 24 hours a day.

    モーズリーの新しい独房は 強化された防弾のプレキシガラスの檻で1日24時間監視されていた。

  • To get to the cage, guards must open a solid steel door within the cement walls of the cell is yet another cell, and that is the exterior that is the plexiglass cage.


  • A psychologist that visited mostly, they're called him gaunt, emaciated, sunken faced figure with long, straggly hair.


  • Although he has a high I Q.


  • And is a fan of reading, he has not allowed any books.


  • Although he's a fan of classical music, he's not allowed to listen to music.


  • In fact, his own words is there is nothing in this cell but damp walls and cockroaches.


  • The guards have been told not to talk to him, so when he does occasionally get an hour outside and yet another kid, she doesn't get to speak.


  • If he even looks at the guards.


  • They avert their eyes.


  • When he does go outside because of his violent past, he has to be escorted by 4 to 6 guards.


  • This is going on for years, and because of this absolute isolation and lack of communication, he's developed speech problems.


  • He's literally going out of his mind and has been denied a pet budgie so that he might have some company.


  • The authorities have also denied his request for a Sinai pill so he can take his own life.


  • Robert Mosley is now 66 years old and has served 46 years in prison, with around 40 of those years being in solitary confinement when he's been given the chance to speak.


  • He has said that this solitary confinement is a constant reminder of those six months he spent locked in a room as a child.


  • It's unlikely he'll ever get out of prison and unlikely that he'll ever get out of his glass cage in the dungeon of Wakefield.


  • Prison mostly believes he's a victim of circumstance more than anything, and that the people he killed was a form of displaced anger related to what happened him as a child in a young man.


  • Not surprisingly, he mostly blames his parents Will leave you with these words he wants said when I kill, I think I have my parents in mind.

    驚くことではありませんが、彼はほとんどの場合、彼の両親を責めるでしょう 彼が望んでいるこれらの言葉であなたを残す 私が殺すとき、私は心の中で私の両親を持っていると思います。

  • Had I killed my parents in 1970 None of these people need have died.


  • If I had killed them, then I'd be walking around as a free man without a care in the world.


  • Do you believe that?


  • Now you need to watch this show man So violent, even other prisoners fearing or this video?

    暴力的なショーを見た方がいいぞ 他の囚人も怖がっているのか?

  • Why was this prisoner kept locked away in permanent total isolation?


a man is dragged into a prison cell, kicking and screaming, but it's too late for the officers on watch to do anything.



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