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I'm going to share with you some of my favorite Japanese office supplies
So in the last couple videos we've been outside roaming tokyo
I've been showing you around, but I wanted to switch it up in this video
Bring it inside and show you some of my favorite Japanese office supplies
Now if you've never been to Japan
You might not know that Japan has some pretty unique and interesting office supplies, and I wanted to show you
Some of my favorites in this video and to be fair some of the stuff that I'll be showing you in this video
Is more on the stationary side, but you'll see it's all pretty much in like the same realm
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Say hello to everyone
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Okay, mommy's going to take you now
So without further ado, let me show you my favorite Japanese office supplies
number one keishi kasu cleaner
It looks like a big ipod case where you would stick your ipods in if you open it up
It has a roller here and it's made
To pick up all your eraser scraps, you can see that there's all the scraps there
You can just take it off
just rip it off like so
Good to go. This reminds me of just like the carpet cleaner the ones you have like the bigger version of it
It doesn't stick on the paper. No, you like this one
Number two fuji sun erasers. These ones are pretty cool. It's called
Gomu, which means eraser it's actually one of the first Japanese words I learned
I think so. Yeah, the reason why these are special is because after you use them
They turn into mount fuji. So then after some time you can see right there
Starting to look like mount fuji. I think if you get a bunch of these these would be perfect gifts to bring back home
Especially younger kids that you know
Use these at school
still use erasers
Yeah, I don't know I used to use erasers, I mean do kids still use erasers, I think they still use it
We'll find out soon like so people use friction
You know in order to write you have to use friction friction is the name of the brand. Oh
Oh, it's not part of it. But this right there that is
a friction pen
Number three et gill erasers. So this one is for the people that I think are a little bit older
It's this plastic by well, it says plastic eraser
maybe the outer shell is plastic and then it says three four five and six and I think that is
an indicator to see how wide the eraser tip is and I think kids use this when
They're practicing penmanship or maybe like math or whatever and they need to get a certain
Width of erasing done instead of just whatever using like a broad stroke like this fuji one. They need to be very very
Precise when you're racing you can just go
like this
I don't know. What do you guys think useful?
or not so useful
Yeah, it's the precious part because it's easy to erase any little things yeah, yeah, this is basically made up corner
Yeah, it's not like just like a rounded blunt object. This is a very precise tool like if you're if you're a professional eraser person
This is what you would use
number four
Wearable memo. All right, so check
this out what this is is a
Ruler, there's actually four different types that you can get
Some of them have like a grid and then some of them have lines. I think the grid is for maybe people that like
Need to take notes or write like in kanji. Anyways, they have that. That's correct
No, because you know you want to write in boxes
And what's special about this
It's like a really hard almost like plastic rubber material so you can actually use a marker. I got your
Standard zebra marker, it's funny how that they call it
I think it's Mcdonald's but they call it a big mac. So it's Mcdonald's. No, but Mcdonald's is different. You don't fly
Back let's Mcfly. I don't know I'm confused now
Mcdonald's which one is right anyways, so basically you snap it like this on your arm and then you can right
You can't just rub it off it'll just like stay on there, uh, you can use the eraser I guess it does come off but
that comes
So I misread the directions I thought it said marker but actually it says
Pen, this is like a full real deal marker and it still like took it off pretty much except for just like a hint
So, okay. Let's try that again. There you go. Just wrote Tokyo again. So there you go. It came off
There's a slight hint of the black marker on there
So but the pen is gone so works and then you can take your notes with you just like that number five
so this one is called glue and it's kind of your
Latest version of a glue stick and I thought it was quite interesting because usually you'll get glue sticks and like a cylindrical
In a circle pattern, but this one
Is almost look kind of like a lipstick case and let me just open this and show you so that right there
Is the glue stick itself you can see that it's square and the reason why it's square is if you've ever tried to glue
Paper or anything that has square edges with a circular glue stick
You can't always get the edges. But with this guy you can do you ever eat glue when you were a kid? No
Yeah, neither did I but you know, there are kids that's like a glue really? Yeah
I think they were hungry. I don't know. They just ate glue
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Paolo 10 and using the link in the description. Let's move on to the next Japanese office supply
number six
mark plus
Okay. So this next one I love this one
So this one I found I thought was super super special and what you'll find
is that when you take off the lid when you look really really closely you can see
That there is two
Parts to it. There's two heads. So this is a highlighter. This is not just like a marker
So if you're highlighting text, you can quickly go back and forth over your book and you know
You can mark off different things that um different importance. So you just use it like that and then you switch it and you have
Gray and pink. They're like pink and pink like a pink and lighter pink pink gray. Yellow gray blue gray green gray purple
Gray, so people actually use gray. I think so. Yeah, I would buy like red and yellow or like red of blue
Yeah, I thought so too that might actually be but then I think they'd have just way more pens
I don't know. How would you guys use this if you got a gray and pink marker number seven post-its?
so one thing about
A lot of japanese people and when they study or if they're reading books and they want to like take notes they use these
Post-it notes. So if you ever go to an office supply store, you can see a wall of just these different types
Maiko picked out a couple of them and I picked out one that I
Personally like but there's just so many that I couldn't go over all of them in this video, but these two Maiko picked out
Right here. What's nice about these is you can actually take it off from here on this side a sticky adhesive
so if you do have a book or anything, you can actually just like put it here
And it'll stay on just like that
So whenever you need a post-it note
It's there and ready to go or if you're like me and you're just like you have a pc
Or your iphone and you just want to carry post-it notes with you
Anywhere you go if you want you can just put it on your Tokyo
T-shirts and like boom. Hey, Maiko. I wanted to make a note over there. Guess what?
I've got a post-it note. This one here is just a smaller version of it. You can see the different patterns right there
Staying organized and cute at the same time now, I thought these ones are pretty cool because they have little Japanese
Feudal characters you got a ninja
A Emperor and I think that guy's a pirate. Is that a pirate? Maiko with a eye patch with an eye patch?
Yeah, I guess he's a warrior anyways there's just so many and if you ever in an office supply store
Then definitely check out their post-it notes
number eight note yellow book comic
So this one something that Maiko really loves so we had to put it on the list and this one is a create
your own
story comic book
366 pages and like if you open it up
There's like different types of squares where you can actually just write your own or like make your own
Storybook and I guess you don't even have to use it
If you just wanted to take notes
And use it as something to bring with you at school and you want to just use that as a diary or whatever
You can use this. It's not really an office supply, isn't it? It's not office supply. It's stationary
Today I got fired from using this at work
And this is where the story begins
number nine
scrapbook cutter
this one it looks like
A toothpick or looks like a pen maybe that you would use but but in fact it is a special
Blade it's used to cut paper
It has a rotating ball or like a rotating head and let me just show you real quickly like you can go and
Go around and the head of this blade just like rotates so you can get like circular cuts and cut around stuff
Look I made a little p. It's like so easy to cut. Yeah, this little red cutter
Is pretty useful in these scrapbook situations and number ten my grip pencil
So this one was just for me a cool take on a mechanical pencil. It's a
0.5 mechanical pencil, it has your standard, you know mechanical pencil lead right there
But what's interesting about this one? Is that right here?
Is like it's a thinner shaft than the rest of the pen itself
this one actually comes with a little wrap and what's special about it is that it's kind of like, um
If you ever had a tennis racket and you have a handle and you actually wrap the handle it actually like kind of soaks up
The sweat and gives you kind of like more
Friction on the actual handle where you actually touch the mechanical pencil itself
So you just gotta have like a better overall grip when writing this piece you have like on the sides
There's like an adhesive that will come off. You just peel this right like so
Oh wow!
That's a crazy grip. Yeah, it's like a tennis racket grip. It's actually pretty cool
Oh that's grippy feel that. It's like non-slip at all. Oh, wow. Yeah. This is what i'm talking about
This would like be really really grippy, right?
And it's yeah, it's nice and like super soft and this one says wet
He doesn't say he soaks up the sweat. It says she's got already wet already moist
alright, so this one here is kind of like a dry type and even if your
Hands are wet. It should still feel dry. So yeah, this one is like super super dry
The other one feels just nicer. This one is like almost like too dry
Yeah, it is has like a sticky texture as well to it
If you wanted to you can probably even just like double it up like this and do like different combinations.
So,yeah, pretty cool
Alright,so that concludes the video if you liked it help me out and hit that like button
If you want to see more of these videos Japan guys or anything else related to Japan
Hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one


Smart Japanese Office Stationery Supplies You didn't Know

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