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So today I'm flying economy on Singapore Airlines from Tokyo to outlay.
Yeah, I'm kind of excited just to give you a little background I have flown before on Singapore Airlines.
It is one of my favorite airlines I've taken.
I just wanted to make a quick video kind of show you guys what the experience is like and what to expect.
Oh, before I go, if you guys want to see what I'm doing on the daily, definitely check out my INSTAGRAM account.
So the chicken process is easy as finding a Japanese salaryman on the subway attendant was super friendly and my bags were checked in right away.
All right.
Just got through the gate.
Let's see what the services like inside.
Look at this and look at all of the spacious business class seats.
Can't wait for the day when I can afford one of these seats.
But seriously, Singapore Airlines, if you're watching, give me a call, Okay?
You just quite a lot of space here.
And like what's also nice?
Let me walk you through what to expect on economy.
See, you've got your standard flattering touches.
Play about the size of an ipad not a retina display, though, but good enough for movies.
The movie selection is fair, and I personally like their new releases.
There's also a PSB looking controller.
If you don't want to use the touch screen, it's nice.
That's it gives you flight information, but you can also use it to play games on the mainstream.
There's also some built in USB ports, which I totally love as I'm a device junkie and always looking to charge.
Is there such a thing as a phobia?
Batteries running out?
If so, I have that, and there's a two pronged headphone jack that works with the airline headphones.
But I found that you can plug your own headphones.
It just like this, and it still works a trick, though it's not plugging in all the way so you can get the sound to both speakers.
The seed also has a coat hook, cupholder, personal seeding lights in a generous amount of seat pockets to store your stuff like my iPhone and water bottle.
The seat tray falls out like this first halfway with a place to put your cup and even a sliding mirror.
Then it completely folds out like this Oh, yeah.
And the flight does have WiFi.
I've never used it before, but I have seen people on their laptops.
Text messaging, entire flights must work, OK, Probably can't go on Netflix on it, though.
And lookie here.
What do you have in this little purple bag?
Ah, a lovely pair of socks and a toothbrush.
Who says economy doesn't have its perks?
So before dinner served, the flight attendants go on a drink, Run.
They have all sorts of juices, soft drinks, even beer, wine and cocktails if you decide to get a little tipsy.
The one thing I do appreciate is that they don't get all stingy on you.
Like some other airlines, they actually give you the full can after pouring a cup.
Nothing worse than getting half a drink.
And these videos?
I got a mind, my P's and crackers.
Get it Appeasing crackers.
Now that you've got a drinky drink, it's time to get her food on so way just got served dinner you don't like in some places, they just give you the food and they just ask you like what you want next.
Give you like a menu Here.
I was able to decide what I wanted from the menu, which is nice.
I decided to go with this.
See it right here.
Let's taste this.
Not about meat has an interesting starts to it.
Not too salty, Not too sweet Evidence.
It was like land.
It has some flavor, like it's not like an overpowering liver at all in Assam, like pieces of egg.
Also has a potato, carrots, spinach.
Then it also has some ginger like it's surprisingly enough, there's like this.
Quite a lot of meat here.
I wasn't expecting make this much meat, but the rights isn't like so nice because it's kind of bushy.
Overall, it's not bad.
So they also do have chicken here, but Michael didn't want to get the chicken.
I don't want to get the chicken so I can't show it to you guys and also came with some soba noodles or chicken.
Dinner was actually served late because of all the turbulence.
You have green soba noodles.
Maybe it's good, it's mantra, not quite sure right now.
It's nice because it has some onions and then you got to be careful because there is.
There's a blow, really shaking or that It even has some much sob Ian here.
So for those of you don't like this, I'd just be careful.
You can, like, pick it out.
Give me the sauce with noodles.
Here with onions, you get a little bit of the wasabi in there.
Nice combination, because I didn't need so much of the rice.
They're just so simple, but it's so delicious.
Came with side dishes.
Looks like it came with an egg spinach salad with some carrots, but as a kiddie bushy dicho on, it looks like a pink fish cake.
They even gave me some of strawberry.
Organize Manila before, but it's nice, kind of happy, not strive very today.
What's also nice about the flight is if this is not enough, you get hungry between now and like the breakfast meal that you get before you touch down.
They have sandwiches that you can actually just ask for them.
They'll, like, bring it to you.
They have cheese and crackers, chocolate bar, potato chips, Demi cake and fresh fruit.
No, like additional costs like, I appreciate the fact that they do that I'm in economy.
I didn't pay the most expensive price to get on this flight, but they still have all the little extras.
Well, as fate would have it, a full meal and one drink has me face to face with the toilet door.
Let's have a look inside.
Looks fairly centered.
Small sink.
So Oh, some mouthwash.
Michael will definitely appreciate that.
And I think some lotion, tissue and paper towels and some more toothbrushes, even a baby changing trade.
What they going these days, so that with other like space, like brushes here, even have no Russian clean anyway, time to get to my seat before Michael misses me.
Oh, she looks like she's already out.
I'll try to take a nap to before breakfast comes.
Let's talk about the Cabinet.
So basically, you have three different rose.
You have left RO the right road.
You have like a center.
Row row is comprised of three different seats when Michael and I, but our flight actually decided to try to get in a two person seat because I just wanted is gonna be us to.
When I looked at a one line, it's like it's a regular seat.
But when we sat in the two person see, it just felt a lot more like claustrophobic.
Luckily on this flight there waas a lot of open seats, and so what we sat, flight attendant said.
Hey, there's actually a lot of different seats.
You guys want to move Field move.
We just got a center row right there.
I had, like, this open seat.
It was like, Easier to let you sleep.
You're going to get from Point A to point B like the biggest difference is your experience just started the trip on a good note, saying, Okay, you know, we care about you your like, wherever you want.
So I got some shut eye for a few hours, and now we're almost in the lake.
In fact, it's already time for breakfast, and here comes the service.
She looks as happy as I am thirsty, so it's time for breakfast.
Basically, you get two choices of chicken and salmon.
I just have to get salmon Michael Chicken a little more intricate than I would have expected.
Like I thought regular like sausage breakfast.
But it's actually nice salmon.
As I got tomato sauce, you could see not a fan of skin per se, but fish is quite moist.
I'm quite surprised.
I used to think that maybe it's a kind of drive, but salmon itself is quite flavorful.
That tomato with Simon is really nice, and it looks like an acid carrots in here.
Mash Potato's magic.
It is a good to like garlic and herbs in it.
Wow, this is a winning combination.
Let me just try.
The chicken is well, look at these luscious beaches of chicken Has a sauce on it as well.
Is that teriyaki sauce?
Chicken is quite tender as well.
I'm really surprised.
That's good.
It's almost too tender.
I had a choice between the two.
I think about for the salmon.
Chicken is not that bad either.
So I feel like you can't go wrong with either option in this in this one, right?
On the other hand, like kind of pushy, I do prefer the mashed potatoes over rice.
Side dishes air the same in both meals.
Then you have this coleslaw as mayonnaise and as a corn that is cabbage about as to full slices of bologna.
As Michael would say, That's baloney that's trying to spread out like spread my butter like a barbarian, too lazy to use a knife Sometimes it's early in the morning.
That's good.
He's a bread it soft and moist.
It's like a little bit dense, like has a nice sweetness to it, like a butter butter sweetness.
That's good.
Pretty satisfied with this breakfast.
It is interesting just now to my go didn't like all over a meal.
And the Lady Astor, like you know, was That's not good for you.
Can I get you something else?
Gonna give you a salad?
It goes like No, just like it wasn't that great.
And it's just a little things like that that make all the difference.
That's why I love Plus, they gave me socks a toothbrush.
All right, so we're in L.
If you like this video, if you like, it brought me out, Hit the like button.
All right, through.
You guys want to see more of my guys?


Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Experience & Food Review | Tokyo to Los Angeles

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