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So he went to the 100 yen store and found all of these cool cooking utensils at the die.
So store.
These things are designed to make character bentos, which is all over YouTube, and I wanted to try it out for myself.
Usually they make it by hand without using any tools.
But these tools are designed for people like me who don't really know how to put it all together before we go into the making it.
I got to get Michael's help.
OK, so this is what I made asked to use tools for everything.
Because if I do, there's gonna be too many copters.
I'm super excited.
So first I'm gonna make a rice bowl with a shaker and his face punch.
All right, so let's for it all, All of it, right?
How much my problem is.
I like to put everything in here much.
Where's the tool for this?
We need a tool.
Can I get a blender?
Make you?
I think we have some smash rice bits.
Are I made this?
I made my first.
I think that should be good.
Shake it, Musa Music.
Oh, look at that.
Yeah, but we can fix up look better.
I just put it in.
And just then what?
Oh, this is it Makes sense.
That stuff just I think it just broke.
Why don't I just roll it myself there?
I did have four beautiful faces, and this one's falling apart.
All right, so you got her roles here.
And then now let's cut it right down.
Oh, I don't get it.
And then you get all these pieces.
You know what?
I don't think that's right.
I think what you do is you go like this.
And so I think it's easier just to put it on top afterwards.
I did it.
Can you see that?
He has a happy face.
That's awesome.
So Michael's an artist.
The kid needs to be healthy.
They're so happy in this.
Do it is the rest.
For what?
That kid is gonna be hungry.
Oh, look, there's so much happier at the top.
I use one of these things.
Michael actually didn't make this one, so I'm gonna make a bunny rabbit.
I'm supposed to be able to make a cute bunny with rice, shredded radish or whatever else you can stuff in the stupido.
Oh, look at that.
Oh, moody means super size.
No, you just like that.
Oh, I guess you just shut it.
And you feel it from that.
That's how you do it.
All you gotta do is push it in like that.
I think I should have liked close it first and then put everything because they had a bit of buddy.
So now let's make a ham flower with this ham cutter.
Oh, yeah, Sam, it looks so good.
Michael says you put this with the ham on the cutting board, and I think you just press down on it.
You fold in half.
Well, I love it.
Oh, that's amazing.
Look at that far.
So cute.
Then I'm gonna make a dope octopus with this sausage cutter said, All right, so we are going to make these little octopus sausages so fake they look like plastic.
Here's president.
This is the top.
This is ahead.
Oh, he lost his face.
Lips got stuck in here.
It's like we have the same lips.
So cute.
All right, so let's get a little bit creative.
So this is supposed to be a pair.
Not quite sure what it's supposed to be, but I'm just going to get flat Earth creative with this rice burger makers takes right.
So this is like a cat head.
But what we're going to do now, we need check out her little Tamami.
A man and fellow using mayonnaise for glue.
Its legs were splitting my hands like this.
Oh, and I can't slip on this ribbon ham cutter.
Let's try this way.
Large size on top.
Maybe press it down lunchmeat for livin.
Look, it's a ribbon.
I got peace, You roll it.
Oh, what did you just do it?
Give it a bear for the rabbit And this is really a delicate process and look minus so much cooler than Mike owes.
And we decided to make each other bento.
So I'm going to give this to and she's gonna eat it.
Oh, all right, so I just made a mess.
I'm not that good, and I'm still a bit clumsy, but as you guys can see, some of these tools actually work.
Some of them don't work as well.
You connects, adjust your knife, but it's still pretty cool to play around with some of this stuff and make your own bento because like this video, help me, I hit that like button.
If you guys want to see more adventures in Tokyo or Japan, hit that govern and I'll see you guys in the next one.


I made a JAPANESE BENTO with Daiso $1 Goods | Part 2/2

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