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  • the computer.

  • The future will be a supportable.

  • Is your watch as personal is your wallet.

  • It will recognize speech.

  • It'll navigate streets.

  • It will collect your news and your mail.

  • It just might not do Windows.

  • Microsoft Windows That'll do doors open doors to your future.

  • And Steve Jobs took this book and distributed to his, uh, colleagues.

  • And I learned recently, and, uh, Ari Emanuel read it.

  • And this results in the current Vanity Fair calls May the original gangster futurist of Hollywood who inspired Ari Emanuel toe become the world's super agent.

  • So So I'm that life after television was an important book.

  • And, uh, life after Google, I hope, will be equally important.

  • That's incredible.

  • And the more I learn about you, the more I'm kind of blown away with how your mind works to see this things.

  • How do you see something like that way before it even happens, you know, because I studied the microchip.

  • I mean, it was really an insight of that came from ah uh, my decision.

  • After writing wealth and poverty, it sold millions of copies around the world with the number one book in France for six months.

  • It was.

  • It was really a global bestseller, and it captivated the Reagan cab cabinet and Ronald Reagan himself, and I thought I'd done it.

  • So I done economics and now is going to do technology.

  • And I decided that the most important event in the world was the creation of the integrated circuit.

  • It just seemed to me that that the transformation of, ah technology from beings of pushing and pulling materials from the outside, applying of forces to material entities from the outside had given way to the internal manipulation of matter and that this opened horizons of new technology that were really unlimited in the microchip.

  • Summed it up.

  • And so I wrote a book about the microchip.

  • And, uh, once you really understood the microchip, you could see that it's ah of it had really no obvious limits and and that it would transform all technologies.

  • And certainly anything that could be created in a giant computer could also be created in a handheld device or watch size device.

  • And so so that was the source of that particular prediction that I have had an intuitions.

  • I just don't know the real source of them.

  • I mean, I wrote a book called Sexual Suicide in 1970 Something and, uh, and predicted that the real crisis of the world would be depopulation rather than overpopulation, and that that's probably got best prophecy ever.

  • I mean, this is nobody expected it.

  • Everybody was predicting, you know, a population bomb disaster of overpopulation.

  • But the fact is, the real threat to the human race is depopulation resulting from sexual suicide.

  • So this is so this is really a pretty good call back in the 19 sixties and seventies, and today I'm doing time prices, which of really transform economics.

  • And I'm really excited with the discovery that money is time.

the computer.


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未来のコンピュータ:ジョージ・ギルダーが語る、テクノロジーの将来像 (THE COMPUTERS OF THE FUTURE: George Gilder Gives His Opinion On What Our Technology Will Become)

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