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If you don't stop and reflect on your day, the days just pass and mush together, and you never form real memories and insights.
You know the thing that really bothers me.
Go ahead, ask.
[What's the thing that...]
It's that there is total disregard for our sleep regimens.
People are lying in bed, not just reading the news, but you know, sending text messages to friends, sending Snapchats.
Anyway, you know that you're not supposed to be doing it right up until the time you go to sleep because the light tells your brain that it's not night time, stay vigilant, stay awake.
So you got fifteen minutes less quality sleep every night.
And that happened every night for everyone who had a cellphone, that's billions of people.
So much lost sleep.
So much impact on health and productivity.
Global economy is shifting.
So I have the idea that we all just stop doing that.
This is the Amazing Hour.
[Amazing Hour: A period of time before bed spent without the use of a smart phone.]
[That's what you are going to call it?]
I don't want to tell people what not to do, so it's not called the No Phone Hour or the Boring Hour.
Instead of putting your phone in night mode, just put your whole self into night mode.
I've been trying to do it myself for an hour before bed.
And you just don't look at screens.
[So what do you doing for an hour?]
Which hour?
[The hour before bed.]
I think you're talking about the Amazing Hour.
See, you're on board already.
So it starts usually with brushing your teeth.
And flossing.
I still think flossing is worthwhile.
[What do you do with the other 55 minutes?]
Text your friends.
[You can't use your phone.]
What's up?
Oh yeah, that's right.
So write them a letter.
You write to friends and family and people you're close to, but if you write even three letters a day, pretty soon, you run out of people.
And then, you start rewriting to the same people, and so you have to start writing to celebrities.
You can pack your lunch for tomorrow, which saves time and money.
There's also journaling.
There are even studies to say that can be beneficial to your health.
You can do yoga or meditation.
I tried to get into it.
I went to a meditation studio.
I don't think I got it fully.
[Jim, what are you doing?]
It's a prosthetic.
This is called the NoPhone.
It's not actually a phone.
It's just a piece of plastic, but you can stare at it, pretend you're reading, imagine that you're reading.
It's way cheaper than an iPhone, too.
And there's no service plan.
And you can read print magazines, books.
[Jim, do you have another book you can read?]
The weird thing is that the Amazing Hour is the one time of day I'm trying not to be productive.
And sometimes, it ends up being the most productive hour of the day.
How's Amazing Hour going?
So amazing.
It seems like you're having trouble not using your phone.
No, I'm fine.



寝る前に電話を見ないようにするには?(Ways to Avoid Staring at Your Phone Before Bed)

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