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Preparing for college, many of us hear about time management.
We hear advice like make checklists, keep a schedule, practice good study habits yada yada yawn.
Sure, all the suggestions are helpful but they're just a piece of the time management plan and they don't fit everyone.
Manage your time and schoolwork will be easier?
It sounds good.
The reality? It's been easy getting by without a plan.
But further we move in our education, the higher the stakes.
We are betting that we could meet our GPA goals without healthy study habits.
Classes get harder and you may find yourself drowning in challenging coursework and you never bothered learning (to learn) how to swim.
How to form good study habits?
First, stop comparing yourself to your friends.
Think they get good grades without studying? Nope.
You need to find out what works for you.
And cramming like a hibernated chipmunk is not the solution.
So, where to begin? Know thyself.
There is no magic bullet for finding the right routine.
First thing you need to learn is how you learn.
Prioritization is key, and it's an easy first step.
Create a list of activities that occupy your time and rank them from highest to lowest priority.
From there you can begin managing your time.
You are responsible for your success in college.
Chances are your friends aren't looking out for your grades.
If you want to hang out, you have to decide, do you actually have time or do you have schoolwork.
Start now!
You may not have a perfect system and systems can change, that's perfectly fine.
The more you learn now about how you learn, the easier things will be.
Halfway through semester and unhappy with your grades?
Ouch--that's a tough time to change a game plan.
Plan early and spare yourself the grief.
We've got good news, all around campus are people who can help you understand how you learn.
Literally, there are resources all over campus designed to help you.
Office hours provide insight for tackling a class head on.
Learning centers help with all subjects and all course levels.
Scheduled meeting times with supportive peers.
This is a surefire way to ensure accountability.



Student Success - Time Management

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