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When you're looking for work, you need to know how to recognize a fake job ad.
If you do apply for a fake job, at best it is a massive waste of time.
At worst, you could have your money and your identity stolen.
So what should you look out for?
If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.
If a job ad says you can earn heaps of money with little effort, it's probably a scam.
If you need to pay money to apply for a job, it's probably a scam.
If you have to buy materials from an employer to do the job they're advertising, it's probably a scam or a multilevel marketing scheme.
If someone asks to deposit money into your bank account and it doesn't come with a pay slip, it's probably not only a scam, it's money laundering too.
Do your research and check the details you have match information you can verify.
Look for a street address, a website and a phone number you can call and speak to the employer.
If an employer contacts you directly, ask them for this information.
Never give your bank account details, driver's license or other photo ID to an employer until you have had your interview and know you have the job.
If you think you found a fake job ad on the jobactive website, let us know.
Use "report this job" at the bottom of the job ad or call the job seeker hotline on 13 62 68 and report it.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.
Thanks for watching.
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虚偽の求人広告で詐欺被害に遭わないために(Don't Get Scammed By A Fake Job Ad)

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