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-I also quickly want to mention your best-selling book.
-Yes! Thank you. -It's some poems.
-It's called "Dumpty." And...
-And Look at this -- New York Times Best Seller.
-Best Seller.
That's what I'm talking about, baby!
♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-It's really -- It's a great book.
It's very funny.
And you also do all the illustrations yourself.
-That's right, including the nice portrait of our man.
-Yeah. What made you want to write this book?
-You know, it was the last thing I wanted to do.
I performed a parody of a Gilbert and Sullivan song
in a New York Public Theater gala,
rewriting all the lyrics.
Instead of "I am the very model of a modern major general,"
I made it "ex-lieutenant general"
and did it in the character of Michael T. Flynn.
And it absolutely kills. -Yes.
-And I thought, "Wait a minute." -There's something here.
-"There's something in this."
It's much easier to make a punch line work if it rhymes.
-Yeah. That's good. -There you are.
Best-selling poet.
Who ever dreamed? -Right?
A best-selling poet. This is it.
And I like your introduction, too,
'cause you were saying like,
"Look, if you're a fan of this guy, just read on."
-Yeah. Right.
-Yeah, it's just -- The way you do it is very graceful.
And then the first poem is "Trumpty Dumpty."
"Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall.
To stir up a rabid, political brawl."
It's unbelievable.
"Trumpty Dumpty kept insisting.
More and more citizens started resisting.
Sadly, there won't be an to end this tale.
At least until reasonable people prevail."
It was very -- [ Cheers and applause ]
Good for you.
-Well, you know, it became a history book
as soon as I finished the last poem,
because events move so fast.
It's all about people who have long, long since left the scene.
They've all been fired or stormed off.
-Who remembers Tom Price and Harold Bornstein?
-Yeah. It's interesting, right? -Yeah.
-It's all changing so fast.
I do want to show a clip,
'cause I want everyone to see a clip from "Bombshell."
This is the movie that John is in,
but you won't recognize him, because he's just amazing.
Anyway, here's John Lithgow in "Bombshell."
Take a look at this.
-The accusations against Roger Ailes...
-I have never run a god[bleep] Dairy Queen.
You don't get to go and get whatever you want.
Everybody on my shows knows the meaning of decency.
And I do mean everybody.
A TV outfit needs tough, confident women.
Do I push them? You bet your ass I do!
But have I ever demanded sex during a casting session?
I defy you to find any evidence that a single part
of what these women are saying is true.
Get ready. More will come.
We need to let Rupert know what it means if I lose.
Gretchen Carlson can kill Fox News.
This is a fight for your jobs.
If I go, you go!
-Yes! That is how you do it!
That is how you do it! John Lithgow, everybody!


John Lithgow Captures the Age of Trump in Poetry and Cartoons with Dumpty

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