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  • Welcome to English in a minute.

  • Planting seeds is one of the very first steps in starting a garden.

  • So do On and Jonathan have gardening tips?

  • Swirls.

  • Hey, you're leaving early.

  • Yes, I am.

  • I have to make it to my Portuguese Classify.

  • Five.

  • Since when do you study Portuguese?

  • Since you showed me all those great pictures from your trip to Brazil that planted a C.

  • Jonathan see deep that ball To plant a seed means to put something like an idea or feeling in someone's mind.

  • It can be a positive thing like giving honor, the idea to go to Brazil.

  • Or it could be a negative thing, like introducing a feeling of suspicion or doubt, and that's English in a minute.

Welcome to English in a minute.


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1分で英語種を植える (English in a Minute: Plant a Seed)

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