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  • Serenity Caldwell: Hey everyone. I'm Serenity Caldwell at Apple,

  • and here's what went down on day one at WWDC.

  • The biggest news of the day

  • is definitely Apple's silicon...

  • [RECORD SCRATCH] Hold on.

  • Let's take it from the top. [WHOOSHING]

  • Tim Cook: Good morning.

  • Serenity: iOS 14 is here.

  • There's App Library and widgets on your Home screen.

  • Siri now has 20 times more facts.

  • Hey Siri, how many facts is that?

  • Siri: That's a lot of facts.

  • Serenity: Cycling directions are coming to iPhone

  • and to Apple Watch and to Mac.

  • Oh, and hello EV routing.

  • Digital car keys...

  • Emily Schubert: Let me show you how it works.

  • Serenity: ...Mind blown.

  • There were App Clips and App Clip Tags.

  • We learned to Scribble in iPadOS 14.

  • Spatial audio comes to AirPods Pro. [ECHOING]

  • Apple Watch now tracks dancing.

  • There's Face Sharing and a new Sleep app.


  • [ALARM TONE] I'm up!

  • We learned about the importancce of privacy, privacy and...

  • Craig Federighi: ...privacy principles.

  • Serenity: Home cameras have face recognition. [DOOR BELL]

  • Knock, knock.

  • And what about macOS Big Sur?

  • Look at that all new design.

  • Message effects and Memoji in Messages.

  • New customizable start page, privacy report,

  • and translation in Safari.

  • Très chouette.

  • And did I mention Big Sur is macOS version 11?

  • Then we talked about Unity on Mac,

  • Swift UI, Xcode's document tabs,

  • and how widgets share code across platforms.

  • What a day!

  • There's so much to look forward to.

  • And now check out what's happening tomorrow.

  • Even more cool stuff on the way.

  • See you then.


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WWDC 2020について知っておくべきことのすべて(1日目) Apple (Everything you need to know about WWDC 2020 (day 1) Apple)

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