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Are you thinking of learning a new language but you don't know where to start?
No matter how difficult your target language is, these tips will help you out.
So here they are.
Tip number 1: Start with the basics
To build a strong foundation, start by learning the alphabets, greetings, numbers, 100 most common words, and basic grammar like sentence structure.
Tip number 2: Make it your lifestyle
Whatever you do, do it with your target language, from chatting with your friends to speaking to yourself or your pets.
Do everything with your target language.
Tip number 3: Read aloud
Reading aloud helps you practice your pronunciation and boost your confidence when speaking.
Tip number 4: Listen, listen, and listen
Listen to podcasts, audiobooks or watch movies, you'll be amazed how much you will learn, which leads us to.
Tip number 5: Speak to a native speaker
If you can travel to where your target language is spoken, DO IT, if not, use Skype, join forums or join Facebook groups, links in the description below.
Tip number 6: Use language-learning apps
There are plenty of language-learning apps, free ones like Duolingo, or subscription-based ones like Babbel.
Try them.
Tip number 7: Learn to think in your target language
Don't just translate.
Try to understand the culture behind your target language.
Tip number 8: Use facial expression or use your hands when you don't find the right words
Don't use your native language.
Tip number 9: Don't be shy, just speak, and dive in.
Tip number 10: Find out what works for you
Don't compare yourself with others, do what you like to do, and have fun.
Well, that's all for today's video, thank you.
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【語学学習】外国語を効率よく学べる10のコツ(10 Tips How to learn a new language)

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